What are the benefits of dedicated server in web hosting

Usually, there are the following types of web hosting-

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting

These web hosting options commonly have the option of dividing a server between two or more users. Here the dedicated server hosting comes into play. The dedicated server hosting offers everything a server can, all the power and flexibility, and that is why it is the best infrastructure hosting option.

What are dedicated servers?

The high-traffic websites, and web applications, etcetera, which demand the best optimum performance, require the hosting server like a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is essential for every e-commerce websites to handle the concurrent requests at the same time. Sometimes, people opt for a shared, dedicated server as they are more affordable. But, the cheap dedicated servers does not provide the same features so, the person has to compromise on several features as well.

Benefits of dedicated server –

The features of dedicated servers increase their demand. The dedicated server is particularly essential for e-commerce app or websites. Why? The benefits of a dedicated server are as follows –

  • Better response time than other servers
  • Flexibility
  • Expandability
  • Security

Better response time – 

In comparison to a shared server, a dedicated server improves the response time of websites. It has the required resource to handle the high traffic on sites easily. Hence, it has great importance.

Flexibility – 

There is no restrictions or limitations on a dedicated server and hence, can be customized by the user accordingly. Like, the user can choose any operating system or, if the user is running an e-commerce store, he can install any shopping cart software.

Expandability – 

The dedicated servers are more expandable. A dedicated server has infinite sources available, and in need of additional resources, the server has an expandable feature. 

Security feature – 

Data security is necessary for every type of site, be it big or small. If the confidential information of the client or any other private data is on the server of the website, then the site requires a high level of security.

Hence, it is clear that the dedicated servers are more reliable and essential and for the proper functioning of any high traffic or e-commerce website.