Website Hosting Aspects That May Affect Search engine optimization

Does Website Hosting Impact Search engine optimization?

You will find 3 website hosting factors that influence where your site will get rated. Here’s an in-depth consider them:

Uptime/ Downtime

Downtime is the amount of time whenever your website can’t be utilized due to the problems relating to the server. Chances are for internet search engine spiders to talk to your website many occasions daily. However, when they visit when your internet site is experiencing downtime, they’ll record it as being inaccessible be going to the next site. At these times again and again, your site is going to be considered hard to rely on as well as your rankings might be reduced. Hard to rely on sites aren’t displayed highly in outcomes of internet search engine because this will insert them in a poor light once the searchers click results they provide but can’t connect to the site. Even if it’s 99% uptime, your site won’t be available for as many as 7 hrs more than a length of 30 days. If at all possible, you’d would like your web site to be 100% accessible whatsoever occasions. However, websites are anticipated to see some type of downtime even when these have costly website hosting plans. Yet, you will find web hosting companies that provide and guarantee 99.95% uptime, so accept no under this.


Generally, search engines like google don’t divulge the standards owed for their algorithms. Yet, this year, Google freely says the rate where a webpage loads is just one among individuals greater than 200 factors. This is really a really portion (of just .5% ) impact on your rankings. Nonetheless, it’s still useful to consider it into account. The loading speeds for the webpages are listed below:

If you have a lesser than average loading speed, you shouldn’t always blame your internet host. The slow lower may result from the coding and configuration of the website. However, if you’re certain that your site’s technical set-up continues to be enhanced in the perfect way, however, you get poor loading occasions, it’s about time for you to request your internet location of transfer your website to a new server. Nowadays, it is extremely common for a web site to share server sources with plenty of other sites. Not surprisingly, more sites on the server consume more sources, which ends to slower loading occasions. Whenever you transfer your site to some private/server or one that’s not very busy, you will notice quick improvement in page load speeds.


Apart from a number of different factors such as content and backlinks amongst others, to be able to show the most important search engine results, search engines like google assess the website’s place for deciding where you can position it within their rankings. For example, when those who search come in the United kingdom, search engines like google will usually display sites situated in United kingdom greater within their search engine results. To discover where your site is located, they will use some indicators such as the Ip of the site, that is allotted to your website according to the position of the server where it’s located. Therefore, whenever your website hosting company has severs within the United kingdom, this might cause greater rankings for the site when United kingdom based people finder for that keywords you’ve selected.