US-China Business Trends

China and the US getting on top of the economic pyramid give the two nations all the attention to look into for the next trends and whatnot. Particularly, the progress that brought them to the position, as well as certain strategies to keep them on the spot or whether a different country, will step up.

Particularly, China has become more keen with the foreign companies residing in the country. They are not letting foreign establishments pass business without paying taxes in China. Furthermore, China is aggressive in the ownership of their businesses; foreign companies cannot get away with a counterpart of a Chinese-owned enterprise. Moreover, China has been eliminating corruption be enforcing laws to prevent such acts and capture those who don’t follow. China is more on safety against fraud to keep their business protected for all the consumer. E-commerce remains to be a key player in China’s economic success. Having a huge amount of consumers makes it a big industry for them and China has established patent rights. As a matter of fact, different laws are being implemented to protect the users as well as the websites involved in this line of business. China is big in the online industry and they have major actions towards protection on the internet.

For the Western, their business is driven by different industries which also include e-commerce. However, there are also enterprises who keep the standards of having the usual office set-up even though this requires more investment and the efficiency and growth can only be scaled after a longer period of time. The US businesses maximize crowd funding as part of the process of their release in new products. This forecasts whether a new concept would make a good market. The strategy of the US for the e-commerce also differs with China since they tend to strategize with marketing. Releasing videos seem to be the most effective invitation to consumers and the platform being used is YouTube. Having a physical store for a newbie will then be a great challenge since online shopping has been introduced not only to the US but to different countries as well. For the US, creating sales would be a combination of the presence of online content and strategy by sales personnel. Certain companies have also extended their line of business from only producing products to having services so as to add revenue. This makes a certain company more marketable for the wider availability of their offerings.

In terms of a business relationship between China and US, it will be difficult to establish an enterprise considering that China would want to have full control of it. Products from foreign countries would have to be distributed and retailed. When it comes to trade, China decided to keep the policy that would make them a key route in Central Asia coming from Europe and the US. This trend keeps them at ease knowing that businesses from the US and other countries will be increased.

The relation between China and the US has been existing for the time. Even when a battle occurred, specifically the Nanjing Massacre, both have practiced trade and business relations. Though innocent Westerners were affected during the Sino-Japanese War, China and the US have ultimately succeeded in the long run through their civil agreement

Being considered as the most powerful, the two nations have the greatest economies as well. Based on the trends that they exhibit, China and the US have been using the same tools to further improve with certain differences to suit their priorities. Though not exactly alike, they manifest the knowledge and vision to provide security and assurance to their people respectively. They have adjusted to adapt to technology and attract more of the consumers which give them the revenue that is the factor in measuring the economy.