Just as hair extensions are available, people have been changing their appearance with hundreds of different shades and styles in their tresses.

From the stunning, vibrant colour of the punk movement to the brilliance of the early chunky noughties, the hair colour has come a long way – and there are many different options for natural hair colouring options than ever before just like Godrej Expert hair colour.

If you are considering colouring your hair, knowing the difference between different types of hair colouring techniques is a good place to start.

Want to choose a hair colour that suits your colour and ‘wow’s everyone who sees your new hair? Having a good understanding of the different types of hair colour techniques can help make beautiful hair colours even easier to achieve.


If you are wondering about the best hair colour for grey hair, considering hair colouring during pregnancy, or if you have any questions about hair colouring, you have come to the right place.

We have put together everything you need to know about the latest hair colouring techniques available at your houses by Godrej Expert hair colour, giving you a great idea of ​​the language you can use when choosing hair.

Learn how to find out more about a wide range of hair colouring techniques on the market that may look good on your locks:

  1. Highlights

The highlight may be old-fashioned in the world of hair colour, but that does not mean that this reduced approach does not give much impact.

The highlights usually include simple shades applied in subtle lines to all the hair and can be one colour or many colours to add size.

A good choice for anyone with dark hair who wants to lighten their complexion, bright can be as amazing or subtle as you want them to be.

For a sun-kissed, glamorous look without the full makeup, the standout is a great choice – and it is still as relevant today as it was when it first appeared in salons.

  1. Low lights

The opposite end of the spectrum colour is brighter, the lower light is as the name suggests – your hairdresser takes the strands of hair and applies a darker colour, giving greater size and 3D effect to the hair.

Consider adding dark blonde to light blonde hair, or deep brown to pale brunettes.

Low lights are a great way for anyone who feels their hair is falling out on a flat side – which can usually be a one-tone colour or box colour.

Lower shades bring life back to the hair, making the colour look natural without going too far in the bright spot for a more natural finish just by using Godrej Expert hair colour.

  1. Ombre

Named after the French word for shade or shade, ombré hair was a popular trend a few years ago and is still the most popular hair colour choice today.

Creating a light-coloured root with a lightning bolt in the middle part of the hair ends, the ombré offers a stunning and minimalist natural finish than your normal natural colour work.

Ombré comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours, but it is often used to combine black roots with simple finishes.

If you want to go amazing, this colouring process is also an effective way to add bright colours to the edges of the hair without having to worry about regenerating strands in the process.

  1. Ombré Highlights

Ombré Highlights refer to any of these procedures that include lightening the ends of the hair to achieve that beautiful, unique effect.

Ombré highlights may also include foils to graduate bright colours up to the hair, leading to an even more natural finish in the process by applying Godrej Expert hair colour.

If you happen to have a natural brown colour, the highlight of the ombré offers the perfect way to lighten and brighten your hair, without fear of unpleasant colour strands as your hair grows.

If you like light, but are not 100% committed to the care of regular salons, the highlight of the ombré may work for you.

  1. Balayage

Another French word, balayage means ‘painting’ or ‘sweeping’, and is so named for its artistic combination of many colours to create a beautiful, durable effect.

Greater than your central ombré, balayage produces a beautiful, unlimited melting of colours full of the brightness of many sizes.

Balayage is very suitable for those with dark roots but in the same way, it is a powerful way for anyone who wants to try bright colours for the first time using Godrej Expert hair colour.

From pink to purple to spectacular sunsets, balayage is a very effective way to brighten and natural tones alike.

  1. Baby lights

As soft and angelic as the name suggests, baby lights are a way to add size and natural light to light blonde hair.

Using white, blonde blue and ash colours, baby lights are a special highlight that works best on twisted and toned locks.

Specially designed for very light blondes, baby lights add some natural finishing and look to white hair. If you are a person who loves a snowy look, this process offers a great and subtle, natural finish that brings white hair back to life.


So, now that we have covered all the latest hair colours, which way is it best for you?

There are hundreds of subtle, natural hairstyles that will fit you perfectly from pint hair counting to classic balayage.

The best place to start is to talk to a  specialist, who has the expertise and years of experience to know exactly what will work best for you.