Top Five Features of WooCommerce hosting

The key to running a successful eCommerce business and maintaining an online store or site is choosing the best website maker in India which also offers managed WooCommerce hosting.The reason why you should go for WooCommerce hosting and not the regular one is that these plans include the requisite resources besides a WooCommerce-centric support platform that takes care of all the requirements of your online business or store. Another reason to choose WooCommerce is that it is easy to use besides offering great flexibility to the users.

WooCommerce Hosting: What to Look For?

This eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites comes with helpful features like order tracking, delivery status updates, customer engagement, and inventory management and is simple to use. The open-source nature of WordPress and WooCommerce ensures that users can customize them according to their individual needs. Users also have access to a robust open-source community. Here are some useful features of WooCommerce hosting that will help you in running your online business efficiently.

  1. SSL certification–  Since you are going to deal with many people online and a lot of information including personal is going to be exchanged, security is an important feature to look out for in your hosting plans. WooCommerce hosting with SSL certificates secures your online store with automatically encrypted transactions and visitor data.
  2. Multiple Caching Layers– Choose a hosting option that comes with multiple caching layers that optimize your site to load with maximum speed and efficiency.
  3. Site Monitoring and Statistics– This feature of your hosting plan allows you to track trends and customer behaviour to improve your marketing and enhance the customer base. The information can also be used to improve customer experience.
  4. Access to Advanced eCommerce Plugins– Choose a plan that offers you access to advanced plugins for payment processing, shipping options, and calendar bookings to make your store more popular with customers. These plugins not only aid in offering high-quality services but also ensure that customers have a smooth shopping experience.
  5. Control- Choose a hosting plan that allows you to have full control over the products being offered and their inventory. They also make the shipping, payments, taxation calculation, and booking processes more efficient. Some plugins even allow you to create coupon codes for sales and promotions of specific products.

Apart from these features you should look for a WooCommerce hosting provider that offers continued support to help you resolve any issues that you may face in the setting up and maintenance of your online store. And when you choose managed WooCommerce hosting, the service provider takes full responsibility for managing and maintaining your eCommerce store.

And if you require help in setting up your website go for a hosting company that also offers an online website maker. The drag-and-drop features of these online website builders allow you to set up your website according to your needs and customize the various features. The WooCommerce plugin comes with all the strength and reliability of WordPress and allows you to offer a world-class eCommerce experience to customers. Go for managed WooCommerce plans if you wish to focus on other aspects of growing your business.