Tips To Prevent Thieves From Entering Your House While On Vacation

While we all love going on vacations, one cannot help but worry about the safety of their house. After all, leaving your house completely empty for so many days with no one to keep watch can be scary, especially if your area is reputed to have burglars. That is why it is essential to take precautions to keep your home safe. 

The best way to protect your house is to hire chandler hoa management services for assured security. However, a few tips can help. 

Tips to prevent thieves from entering your house while on vacation


  • Make it look like someone is home. 


Thieves tend to enter houses when they think there is no one inside. The best way to prevent them is by making it look like you are at home. Some things you can do to trick the perpetrators are: 

  • Set timers on TVs, radios, and lights so they can automatically turn on and off.
  • Make sure your grass is cut clean.
  • Ask someone to park their car in the driveway.
  • Ask a neighbor to collect mail for you to avoid piling up mail.
  • Stop your newspaper delivery. 



  • Check the locks and bolts. 


Everyone checks their locks and bolts before leaving their house, and thus, this point may seem worthless to you. Nevertheless, it is still important to remind people that doors and windows are the main entry points of thieves. Make sure the locks and bolts on each door and window are working and if not, get them repaired before leaving the house. 


  • Keep your blinds and curtains open. 


We open blinds and curtains when we want sunlight to come into the house. Keeping your blinds and curtains open and creating the illusion that people are home can prevent a thief from attempting to break in. However, ensure that your windows do not reveal any expensive items that may lure thieves in. 


  • Watch what you share on social media. 


We know that it can be irresistible for some people not to post their vacation pictures on social media. However, even though you want to show your friends and family how good of a time you are having on the beach or the mountains, you will also be attracting potential thieves into your house. 

If you really want to post, remove anyone from your friend group who is not your friend or family member and keep your account private. If you are vacationing, ask your friends not to post pictures with you on their social media until you get home. 

While these tips can effectively fool the thieves, they may not always be enough. An experienced HOA management team can work with the board members to ensure your safety. Hire one today.