Tips for Paragliding – Things You Need to Know as A Beginner


If you’re visiting Tenerife for your vacation, then one of the most amazing and fun things to do is paragliding. An amazing way to experience the beauty of Tenerife while flying above the seacoast and the hills of the Tenerife. However, there are certain things necessary about paragliding that everyone should know. Hence, here we are to discuss some tips to make it more safer and enjoyable.

How to get the best vacation plans in Tenerife?

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Factors to keep in mind before paragliding

  • The strategy: Before going for Paragliding, make a proper route based on the orography of the terrain, the meteorological details, the airspace, and the limitations. After that think of a safe speed that you should maintain while flying.
  • Attitude: keep a positive attitude towards the activity, the professionals, and the people with whom you’re going to paraglide. Also, go for Paragliding if you’re interested, and don’t try it under any kind of peer pressure.
  • Fear: it is common to get frightened during paragliding especially when it’s your first time, hence keep yourself calm and try to stay confident. And enjoy the activity however, during the whole process don’t let your guards off.

Tips for Paragliding for beginners

  • Go for tandem flight: In tandem flight, you will get to fly with a professional, who will control the whole activity during paragliding and simultaneously teach you about it. With this, you’ll get the necessary knowledge and experience for Paragliding.
  • Paragliding course: With a paragliding course under a professional paraglider, you will get enough experience and confidence. Also, you’ll get a paragliding license after which you’ll be allowed to buy paragliding equipment.
  • Join a paragliding club: After completing a paragliding course, you’ll be able to join different paragliding clubs where you’ll get the opportunity to meet other paragliders and share your experience. Also, you can learn more from them.


Things to avoid as a paragliding beginner

  1. Don’t learn the wrong methods from random tutorial videos, instead go for a professional course.
  2. Don’t get overconfident over your skills and avoid making wrong decisions
  • Be careful while buying your paragliding equipment. Don’t run blindly behind expensive stuff. The basic equipment is:
  1. A paraglider
  2. A helmet
  3. A harness
  4. A reserve

Safety tips for Paragliding

  • Paragliding preparation: get well prepared before your paragliding, check whether the equipment function, and check the weather and the route. Also, practice your technique for taking off and landing properly.
  • Avoid complacency: to make your paragliding perfect, don’t practice it frequently as it will gradually lead you to complacency.


To make your paragliding memorable and safe make sure to follow the tips and avoid mistakes and wrong decisions.