The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Impressive ‘Best Man’ Speech

Many people state that the ‘best man’s speech is their favourite part of a wedding. The reason for this is because they watch a guy ‘spill their guts’ and tell their best friend how much he loves him since they were high-school friends, and in such a touching manner. This is due to the fact that men are typically not open-hearted or tender in real life.

We believe that the world requires more heart-warming best man’s speeches, and this is why we will provide a detailed guide on how to create a good one in this article. We will also discuss some of the top dos and don’ts involved in creating this type of speech so that you can avoid any potential failures occurring in such situations; for example, sharing a diminishing college tale or embarrassing secret with the new in-laws.

What Is the General Information to Writing a Wedding Speech?

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you want your ‘best man’ speech to be unique to others – are we right? So, let us begin our discussion with some basic issues that you need to take into account. The first point is to remember that the audience will remember more about who was speaking and how the speech was delivering rather than all the information shared. This means that all speeches, regardless of their purpose, have two main goals: to make a good impression and to leave the listeners with several memorable thoughts. The rest is for fun.

Below are some crucial recommendations by Best Man’s Best Man to consider when writing a ‘best man’ speech:

1. Be Memorable

Writing a speech that is memorable is far easier said than done. To write a memorable speech requires imagination and skill. In the majority of cases, a single line can make a speech worth remembering. Technically, you need to grab the listeners’ attention with some form of trick, be it a contrasting statement or a clever joke. Analogies, axioms, surprises, and metaphors are all beneficial when making a speech memorable – the trick is to place them in the correct position.

2. Remain Natural

When making a speech, the audience regards you and the speech as a single unit. This means that they will resist your speech if they feel you are ‘faking it’ or are uncomfortable delivering the speech. To gain an audience’s attention and trust, it is important to humanise yourself and develop a connection with your listeners. For example, sharing stories relating to the central themes, or referencing your family will indicate that you are trustworthy. You are not attempting to sell anything; just be yourself.

What Are the Unique Aspects of Writing a Wedding Speech?

Allow us to be more specific in this section. The wedding speech or ‘best man’ speech is a speech performed at a specific occasion; therefore, there are certain nuances that need to be taken into account:

1. Jokes Are Good but Avoid Clumsy Jokes

One of the most obvious elements of a ‘best man’ speech is a joke. The problem is that some jokes may not be received well, and jokes that mean something contrary to ‘I love you, and your beautiful bride’ should be avoided at all costs. Dry humour is not always appreciated.

2. Do Not Make the Speech About Yourself

While you are welcome to share tales of your acquaintance with the bride and groom, it is highly recommended that you keep this short. Forget about your background, your friend’s background, and your combined backgrounds. This is not a speech about histories, but about the bride and groom and their life together.

3. Make the Speech Short and Interesting

No listener wants to sit through a twenty-minute long speech about college parties, inside jokes and the times you spent with the groom. Two minutes is more than enough.

4. Remember the Bride

If you are acquainted with the bride, then share this information. It may be the only chance you have to tell her how lovely she is, and how much you care for her. However, if you don’t know her well (or do not care for her), then avoid talking about her and merely comment on how happy she makes your best friend. This should be enough for a good ‘best man’ speech.

5. The ‘No-No’ Topics

All speeches have ‘no-no’ topics, and wedding speeches should avoid the following:

  • ex-girlfriends
  • divorce rates
  • children (unless the couple is interested in having one)
  • sex

6. Avoid Rudeness

Always mind your manners, even if you have already down three glasses of champagne with some other drinks before the ceremony. When delivering a wedding speech, try to avoid swearing or using explicit language.

7. End on a Happy Note

While there is no need to pour a sugary sweet topping on the audience, it is advised that you end the speech on a positive note; thereby, making the speech a happy and memorable one.