Hair Loss is not a Problem with Propecia anymore for Men


Propecia is one of the popular medications used for combating male pattern baldness. This is a common reason behind hair loss among men and when they reach 80, 80% of the male population notices this problem. Dihydrotesterone or DHT has an effect on baldness and one drop of this medicine can prevent further hair loss.

Positive Effect on Scalp

Propecia begins its function by obstructing 5-alpha reductase which transforms testerone to dihydrotesterone. A drop on the scalp can regulate the blood level and other factors related to DHT. 90% of men taking this medication have noticed new hair growth or low rate of hair loss. Generally, men tend to become bald in the front of the scalp and Propecia displays the effective result on the frontal region.


Does it Affect Body Hair Growth?

The Canadian Pharmacy Online suggests that Propecia is effective for regrowing scalp hair but it can inhibit the body hair growth. Propecia restricts the formation of DHT and the enzyme stimulates hair growth of body among men. However, it is based on the genetic variation and it differs on a large scale from a man to man. Again, there is no need to worry because the medicine cannot escalate the body hair growth.

Benefits of Propecia

As per the suggestion of the Canada-based Online Pharmacy, you can take Propecia with or without foods. It may take up to six years for reducing the thinning of existing hair. The long-term benefit of the medicine is linked to blocking the chances of scalp thinning. Hair may not grow in the complete bald places but the prescription drug can contribute to growing hair in thin areas. With its ability to decrease the rate of hair loss, re-growth of hair can reach a stable place after using for a few months.