The history of popular sweater styles

We all adore sweaters, and there’s no better time to wear them than on these rainy October days, when the whole atmosphere screams for something nice and comfortable to keep us warm and protect us from the harsh winds.  While we’re at it, October is a wonderful month to learn about the origins and real significance of some of the most iconic sweater styles throughout history. Here’s the backstory on three of today’s most popular and beloved sweaters: 

Turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck sweaters first appeared in Medieval Europe in the 16th century, and they were quite different from how we’re used to see them nowadays. They were originally designed to protect the necks of knights who wore chainmail, a form of armor made up of tiny iron rings connected together. Later on, the nobility incorporated turtlenecks as part of their fashion, displaying their riches and social status with towering and puffy neckpieces. Turtlenecks were only common with non-noble people after almost three hundred years, when numerous laborers, including menials, sailors, academics, and intellectuals, began wearing them as part of their uniform. Turtleneck sweaters have been a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe since then, regardless of gender, occupation, or age. They are well-liked because of how simple and beautiful they look, making everyone who wears them appear sophisticated and well-dressed. 

Cable knit sweater

Contrary to the turtleneck style, cable knits were never meant to be worn by nobles. Instead, they were knitted by the women from the Aran Islands of Ireland so that the men of their family would be protected from the cold and humidity while fishing in the sea, hence this garment’s other name, Aran sweater. This clothing was made of untreated local wool, which made it not only thick and warm, but also water resistant, which was of great help when fishing. It was usually knitted in traditional stitches such as the cable, diamond, Tree of life, and others, each of them having a special meaning. Over time, Aran sweaters became an important part of the Irish economy and soon enough they became popular all over the world. Today, cable Aran sweaters can be found in many stores not only on the Aran Islands, but also in other parts of the globe and even online. If you would like to purchase one, don’t forget to try the online stores as well.

Cardigan sweater 

Cardigan sweaters have been popular since its beginnings, and they have always been a part of the fashion industry in one way or another. Did you know that the name of this sweater style is inspired from Lieutenant-General James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British Army figure in the nineteenth century? His waistcoat, which he is said to have worn throughout the Crimean War, was the inspiration for the cardigan- an open-fronted garment with buttons. Since then, this sweater design has been famous, and Coco Chanel was the first to make it a part of women’s fashion.  Over time, cardigans came in different styles, from well-fitted ones that were worn by men during the 1950s to the heavy and chunky ones that were so popular among both boys and girls in the 2010s. They’re simple to dress and pair with other items, and they can also be worn instead of a heavier jacket or blazer on warmer October days.