The Crucial Factors to Consider when Planning a Funeral: Costs, Professional Help, and More

Having to deal with a loved one’s death is already distressing enough, regardless if the person passed away suddenly or they had a terminal illness. But when a person passes away, we also have to think about other matters, and one of the most important aspects of dealing with a death is arranging the funeral. The funeral arrangements can be difficult and challenging, particularly if everyone involved has to cope with the emotional trauma of someone’s loss as well, but fortunately, you can rely on a funeral director for such arrangements to make sure that you can pay tribute to your loved one and their life in the most fitting way. But what else goes into planning a funeral? What are the costs and other details? Here are the crucial factors to consider when planning a funeral.

The things you should remember and consider

If you are trying to arrange a funeral whilst trying to cope with someone’s loss at the same time, it can be a big challenge – and more so if you have little to no experience with funeral arrangements. But here are the things you should remember and consider:

  • You may want to select an affordable funeral, but you should also consider the wishes of the person who passed away. If they stated their wishes, then you are probably thinking of following them, but they would more than likely not want you to get into debt just to pay for fees. It is not disrespectful to think about the costs of a funeral.
  • If you can, acquire a minimum of two quotes – one from an independent service and one from a franchise or chain. Many individuals seek help from a funeral director (such as the experienced funeral directors in Leeds from Carroll & Carroll Independent Funeral Services) who can guide you through the whole process and take care of the necessities and paperwork. Even though this may cost extra, it’s worth getting such a service if you need additional support, guidance, and advice.
  • Optional extras such as expensive coffins and vehicles don’t always make for a proper funeral; it may be worth considering the value of meaningful gestures, actions, music, and words over expensive extras and options.

The costs

The cost and expense associated with funerals in the UK can differ per region, but to give you a general estimate, the average cost of burials is around £4300, while the average cost of cremations is approximately £3200. This includes the services of a funeral director, and for cremation, the funeral director can arrange the collection of the deceased as well as their care, a standard coffin, the hearse and a simple funeral service. It also includes the fees for cremation as well as the cremation certificate.

The burial costs, on the other hand, will often already include the care and collection of the person who passed away, a standard coffin, a hearse, and a standard funeral service. It can also include the fees of the minister or religious representative.

There may also be third-party expenses, such as the memorial plaque or headstone, the catering for the funeral, the hiring of the venue, flowers, the urn, the funeral notice, and copies of the death certificate.