Technical Products from MBP Solutions

MBP Solution conducts its production activities in a market related with biological based by-products and residues. Most industries prefer to burn the by-products and residues so as to generate heat and energy. Unfortunately, this form of energy generation tends to be a lower form of recycling these environmental friendly products.

MBP now presents suitable and ecofriendly technical products by developing various applications which offer a higher form of recycling using the advanced recycling technology. This is in line with MBP’s mission where they strive to be the company of choice for all the industries having or wanting biological by-products, by delivering them with customized products obtained through the excellence and competence of their competent staff.

Here are two technical products which MBP Solution has successfully achieved recycling and are being supplied to the market for use in a wide range of applications.

  • Oleo chemical by-products

Apart from transforming the used cooking oil from the uco industries  to make biofuels such as the biodiesel, MBP also utilizes the plant natural fats and oils which are processed into biodiesel in the anaerobic digestion plants. A good example of this application is the Rape Methyl Ester-Biodiesel based on the rape oil.

Some of MBP’s oleo chemical by-products are used as lower grade raw materials in biodiesel process. Despite the output being very less compared to other means of energy generation, it is a cost-efficient alternative compared to using pure oils. MBP has qualified experts who have the expertise of judging whether a specific by-product is fit to be applied as a biodiesel-feed.

The company has also developed several applications of biological by-products for asphalt with the aim of replacing mineral oil based products. In order to achieve this, the company had to closely co-operate with asphalt manufacturers who provide them with the asphalt needed.

To recycle the asphalt there are various materials added so as to improve the viscosity of the final product. One of the products necessary for achieving this is a ‘heavy’ residue obtained from the oleo chemical industry.

MBP’s vegetable-based residues are currently being used as biodegradable lubricants, for instance as a lubricant used in sawing at Scandinavia. The company also has access to specific grades of fatty acids such as stearin. MBP‘s extensive knowledge allows them to identify the best application of the technical products some of them ranging from candle manufacturing to the de-inking of paper-pulp.

  • Fish oil ethyl ester

Fish oils are used in the production of Omega-3 products suitable for human consumption. As a result of this process, a lot of by-products are generated. One of the most important by-products is the Fish Oil Ethyl Ester also referred to as FOEE.

Some of the FOEE applications MBP has developed over the years

In collaboration with the biodiesel manufactures, MBP has come up with an option that enables the customers mix the FOEE with biodiesel. But in order to adjust the quality and benefit of the double counting status as well as the technical and chemical issues involved, the company had to ensure that they comply with all the necessary legal requirements which tend to differ from country to country.

Another application of the Fish oil ethyl ester is to optimize the properties of bitumen like turning it into a binder.

The fish oil ethyl ester acts as an environment-friendly release agent for concrete casting release

The FOEE is also used as a solvent in the ink industry.


As a safety precaution MBP strongly advices its customers that unless otherwise agreed, the entire technical product obtained from MBP Solutions is strictly for technical use.

They are not to be used for both feed and food applications. MBP delivers all the technical goods as non-Energy and non-Excised products. In case the Buyer or Receiver intends to use the product for energy application purposes, the Excise duties charged are the responsibility of the buyer.