Slip and fall injury on city property- Making the municipality liable

If you happen to suffer from a slip and fall injury on city property, you can claim for your personal injury like any other case. But, there are certain factors that need to consider while you claim for your compensation which is not an easy task. We recommend you to hire a slip and fall lawyer at Toronto Grillo Barristers to claim in case of an accident on city property.

Key factors you should not forget:

1)    Municipality act of Ontario states that you should file your notice within 10 days of the accident.

2)    There is a limit on how much you can recover from the municipality if you win.

When is the city liable for your slip and fall injury?

If you happen to slip and fall on a road street, sidewalk, Pedestrian Street or any other city property, this doesn’t mean that municipality is liable for the injury. Also, a slippery floor or other unsafe condition doesn’t mean that the city body was negligent. You have to prove the gross negligence in this case. You must show that the municipality had reasonably known the unsafe condition but failed to correct it.

The municipality is responsible for clearing the snow or ice on a sidewalk in a commercial area or in front of a public building. If you happen to fall on the sidewalk in front of a privately owned building, then the owner of the premises is responsible.

What you should do after the accident?

Like any other slip and fall case, you should take pictures of the accident scene, an injury you suffer, damaged shoes and clothes, pictures of snow and ice if possible and witnesses details.

How is municipal body liable for a slip, trip, and fall on street or sidewalk?

Streets and sidewalks should be kept safe in a reasonable state of repair by the municipality. If you fall into a hole or tripping over a broken piece of a sidewalk or street, you can file a negligence claim. The claim also depends on the size of the hole or breaks on the sidewalks. Take pictures of this hole or crack immediately.

What Are The Limits On Damages?

The limits of the damages vary from state to state, country to country. Sometimes, they can under $100,000.

Why you need a slip and fall lawyer?

Slip and fall lawyer at Toronto, Grillo Barristers have decades of experience in handling the case of municipality negligence. We help you gather substantial shreds of evidence to prove the act of gross negligence by the municipality. Also, a lawyer is required to help you guide for the amount of compensation you should claim for.