Select The Best Bridesmaid Dresses With These Easy Tips


Selecting the best bridesmaid dresses for your friends can be a challenging decision. However, the experience can be fun too. Since it’s your big day, you always have the final say even if everyone in your family has their own opinion. Indeed, there’s a fine line that separates your decision to make your bridesmaids happy and stick to your theme. Thus, it is important to stay in balance. To avoid any stress during preparations, here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect style that your bridesmaids will surely love to have:

Determine the Bridal Gown Style

As a bride, you are the star of the event. However, you must make sure that your bridesmaid’s dresses coordinate with you. If your wedding dress has lots of details, lace, and beads, then you must make sure that your bridesmaids have a simple style.

Check out JJ’s House for dress options. You can have a lace wedding gown and your bridesmaids have lace dresses too. Just make sure that the fabric coordinate. You can ask the help of experts before you decide what to have for your entourage.

With regards to the necklines, this depends on what style you wish to have and that with your friends. If you wish to have a high neckline and make it simple, then you can make your bridesmaids’ neckline strapless on a cocktailkjoler. As a tip, you can print the pictures of your wedding gown as well as with your bridesmaids. This will give you an idea of how will you look like during the big day.

Consider the Dress Colors

It’s true that you can name three colors that don’t look good with your skin. Remember that trending colors like champagne and blush is not suitable for everyone else. Thus, considering how will each of your bridesmaids will feel and look in the cocktailkjoler is very important. You can always rely on spray tans for an easy fix.

Consider as well the hair colors. For example, in the past, there’s a bride who wanted to have red dresses but one of her friends is a red-head. So instead of pushing this idea, she went for purple for the dresses.

Take Note of the Weather

It’s easy to get excited with the dress you saw online, until on the actual wedding day, you realize that your girls are overheating or freezing. As such, make sure that you consider the weather first and provide them with appropriate clothes for the event. You can check JJ’s House for your bridesmaid dresses.

Think About the Body Types and Dress Styles

You have to take note that one dress will not fit all. The A-line dress style may be the best skirt type to have. You can also let your girls select their own dress style or what we call as mix and match look. With this, you can let your bridesmaids feel and look comfortable during your wedding day.

When going the mix and match look, you can give a few guidelines. In this way, the dresses will complement with each other instead of mismatching the theme. For any Filipino events from graduation, wedding, or any formal event and everything in between, you can find a variety of dress collections here at  Philippine Barong Tagalog.