Security of Corporate Data from Data Loss

Technology has become essential for the dynamics of work in companies. It would not be the same with corporate data storage: documents, sometimes confidential and fundamental to the company’s operations, are stored on several types of digital media: clouds, CDs, DVDs, external HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, among others. However, at any time, they are susceptible to total or partial loss of information.

All digital tools are subject to errors (human or not). In addition, even though it is non-physical media, clouds may suffer slow networks, making it harder to download files. Confidentiality is also a very questionable requirement in these types of storage.

For all these reasons, it is necessary to rethink how to file, before unforeseen events occur. Information from large companies may be threatened, not just in terms of data loss, but also hacking.

After all, is there a solution?

In this context, LTO 6 magnetic tapes appear as excellent alternatives for securely backing up corporate data. When properly stored (i.e. free from external agents such as moisture, dust and excessive heat), they can last for about two decades. The cartridges are also impact resistant because they have few moving parts. Therefore, the chance of breaking when falling on the ground is less.

LTO drives still use error correction code formats, thus offering maximum capacity and performance. It has an efficient use of energy and, therefore, presents itself as an ecological solution.

Another advantage is the lower vulnerability to viruses and other malware. Normally, there is a filing before the intrusion, which allows you to restore the data. In addition, viruses copied to tapes cannot infect other backups in your library.

Transferring data to tapes

Storing data on magnetic tapes requires specialized techniques. RAID recovery experts of New York is the market leader in the world of data conversion and retrieval. They work with high technology, exclusive equipment and skilled engineers.

Check, that is, if the company has software and technological hardware, stock of emergency parts and air conditioning and free of impurities, as well as the certification of the professional team. Check the number of successful cases as well as the level of customer satisfaction, which can be seen usually in the area of testimonials of the company website.

They are specialized in restoring data when media is damaged. Therefore, if by misfortune the corporate documents have been compromised, there is the possibility of restoring them. The analysis is free and without commitment.