School bags design considerations

Every time you want to order school bags for your kids during the back to school season, it is not enough for you to just look at the price tags and pick the cheapest backpacks for your kids. You need to be sure that you are ordering the best school bags in terms of quality as well as the design. Here are few important design related factors to take into account when ordering the bulk backpacks for your kids.

Check whether the online store from where you are ordering the backpacks features bags that are designed based on ergonomic science so that it is easy to use and that it does not cause any discomfort for your kids. If the backpacks are not designed properly then it can result in back injuries and shoulder injuries on the long run. Back related issues could persist for life so this is serious. You better pay attention to details when buying the wholesale backpacks for your kids.

The backpack material used should be durable but it has to be a light weight material. If the backpack material is heavy then it will add on to the weight of the backpacks. Orthopedics recommend that kids should not carry more than 10% of their body weight on their backs. However, these days they easily go way beyond that recommended safe limit and carry as high as 20% to 30% of their bodyweight. Try to avoid this so that your kids do not end up with long term back issues.

The backpacks should be of the right size for their age and their grade. If it is too big it will be larger than their shoulders. It is recommended that the backpacks fit within the shoulders. If the backpacks are too small then kids will try to stuff in the backpacks and pack things in such a way the weight is not distributed evenly. This could affect the spine.

Check whether the shoulder straps are well padded with firm but soft material so that the straps do not cut the shoulders. Similarly look for backpacks with other extra straps. Selecting backpacks with chest straps and hip straps would be useful because these extra straps are not fancy extras but they will help you distribute the weight evenly.

All the straps should come with adjustable buckles so that your kids could adjust the straps easily. Paying attention to all these details will go a long way in protecting your child from spine and back injuries. Your kids will not know when these things are not right and it is your responsibility to make the right choices by taking enough time to review as many backpack models as possible. This would not be possible if you are going to rush in the last minute. Starting the back to school shopping early has certainly its own values. You will not be able compare different models and prices between stores if you wait until the last minute to shop.