Replacing Your John Deere Seats

With summer just around the corner, mowing season is truly upon us. Your grass has started growing like wildfire again and something should be done about it.

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to be outside. Whether it is grilling out, playing catch, going on a run, or enjoying your porch, your yard plays a much larger role in your life this season than during any other. But, with all the outdoor activities, mowing also becomes a priority to keep your grass in check.

John Deere riding lawn mowers offer everything the standard person needs. Sharp turn radius, adjustable blade height, and a comfortable ride. With time, though, the seat’s padding will begin to wear down, causing a bumpier ride.

Riding lawn mowers typically last seven to ten years, on average. With proper care, they can last even longer. The engine and blades of mowers are engineered to withstand wear and tear and do not need to be replaced often. The seat, unlike the engine or blades, is constantly beaten down by wind, rain, and heat.

The elements take a serious toll on your John Deere seats. The padding and cover usually last a few years before a replacement is required. The best way to test the seat is to simply cut your grass once and see how you feel afterward. If you are sore, it is a good sign a replacement seat could be in order.

Keeping your lawn tidy for all your summer activities requires a lot of work. Many people have their lawn mowed once a week, and if you do it yourself this means a few hours per week sitting on your mower.

Instead of something you dread and constantly put off, mowing can be an enjoyable experience, and a comfortable seat goes a long way to helping this dream happen. Luckily, when the time comes, John Deere seats are easily replaceable.

Make mowing less of a chore and more of a fun thing to do outside. Wait for an evening with perfect weather, step onto your riding lawn mower, and enjoy a comfortable hour taking care of your beautiful lawn.