Renault Kwid: Variants Explained

At the season of propelling of Kwid, it redirected a great deal of consideration from the market attributable to its brilliant highlights at a value that was low. This was a masterstroke from Renault in light of the fact that until then an auto at very nearly a value that will make place it in the beginning fragment (as far as the expense) had not seen such highlights and plan. Therefore, the auto accomplished recognition across the board and the business sheet stayed green in shading. Be that as it may, the organization has propelled numerous types of the auto that you can select from. Every choice accompanies its own arrangement of highlights however the perspective that stays consistent is that it can better every other contending auto in its section easily.

Variants of the car

You can choose the following variants available in the market based on the budget and needs.

  • STD – The least expensive alternative accessible in the market with constrained highlights and a motor that have a limit of 0.8 liters. The Renault Kwid Price for this variation is an insignificant 262,000 rupees and you could get highlights, for example, a leaning back in the seats at the front and in addition the sensor for changing gear. This will suit the general population who don’t have a major budgetary arrangement in regards to interest in autos.
  • RXE – The next best variant priced at a little over three hundred thousand. The extra money that you pay also gets you a lot in return. There is a backrest in the back seats that is a rarity in a car belonging to this segment. The wheels are made of steel and you can modify the air vents located centrally.
  • RXL – This variant comes with 2 options in the engine to choose from. You can either go for the conventional one or choose the 1-liter option. The price varies for both the option by a margin of twenty thousand and the lower one is priced at approximately 330,000. The one feature that where it scores over the other two is that it has the feature of power steering and you can use Bluetooth to play music or speak to somebody over the phone. This creates a perfect balance between cost and returns.
  • RXT – Again, this one comes with two options in terms of the capacity of engines. The Renault Kwid price for the 1-liter engine option is just under 390,000 rupees whereas you can get the other option for 364,000 rupees. The features that you can avail apart from the ones mentioned in the immediate former variant is that of fog lights at the front as well as central locking.
  • RXT (O) – The best variant amongst all in terms of features. There is a safety feature in the form of airbags and sensors for seat-belt that makes it the best choice. Priced at almost 400,000 rupees, the variant should be preferred over RXT because of the additional safety features for a mere ten thousand.

There are lots of options to choose from and you must make sure that you are choosing the right one by optimizing your choice.