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Ranbuild Sheds: A Guide For Shed Buyers

Ranbuild can meet your home shed requirements, whether you need a storage shed, a garage for your car or boat, a safe workspace for your equipment, or a quadruple garage for your expensive machinery. Ranbuild sheds are made from the highest quality Australian BlueScope steel components for enhanced strength and longevity.

You could have a lot to think about when purchasing your new shed, given that Ranbuild Sheds offers over 55 years of expertise in sales and construction. Take the time to learn everything you need about choosing the best shed below because this purchase is a significant investment.

Shed Definition and Applications

A shed is a small structure often located in the backyard or side yard of home property and used for storage, a workshop, or an office. Sheds can be plain or ornate, big or tiny, bought from a store or built by the homeowner. Components and styles of accessory dwelling units typically match those of primary dwellings, despite the fact that small pre-made versions may be put at the back or side of a house, concealing them from the view of the home.

Sheds are employed for a variety of things, such as:

  • gardening equipment, pots, soil, seeds, and storage for these items
  • space for gardening tools and a lawnmower
  • storage for many things
  • as a workshop or office that is separate from the primary residence

It is possible to transform a well-built shed with enough ventilation into a playroom for children, an independent office, a glasshouse, or an art studio. The demand for prefabricated homes and production has surged over the past decade. This helps explain why sheds are becoming more and more popular.

Are All Sheds Created Equally?

Sheds come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. What matters are the components that are employed to keep them together. The essential elements of a sturdy construction are connecting brackets, and whatever it is that anchors the structure to the slab. The structural integrity of your building depends upon several factors, including the steel sections’ grade, thickness, and tensile strength. Keep in mind that the performance of the shed is not determined just by the size of the area or the total weight of the structure. Instead, it is determined by how well the individual components of the shed work together to meet your requirements.

You may have confidence that your shed will be sturdy and long-lasting since the designs for Ranbuild Sheds Dealer Perth are created and tested at BlueScope Lysaght’s NATA accredited Research and Development Centre by experienced BlueScope engineers.

Ranbuild Sheds: Factors That Affect Shed Prices

Not all sheds are constructed from popular materials. Most Ranbuild shed materials are sure to be made of BlueScope Steel and are consequently supported by the tenacity and reliability of Australia’s leading producer.

  • Ranbuild makes an effort to guarantee that your design quotation is comprehensive and free of any additional fees.
  • The building estimate and plan are appropriate for your neighbourhood. (Stop purchasing a shed only to discover later that you have to pay more for additional assistance in order for your local government to approve it.)
  • Ranbuild sheds are assembled at BlueScope Lysaght facilities, where parts are inspected, packaged for safety, and transported to the place of your choice.

These crucial procedures ensure that your shed construction will go as planned, giving you peace of mind. Remember why you built it and what priceless items are within or underneath it. A high-quality building plan created by a reputable company like BlueScope is significantly superior to the short-term benefits of minor savings. Ranbuild is passionately created and owned in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ranbuild Sheds

How do I get help if something goes wrong?

You have the extra convenience of talking with a nearby Ranbuild dealer immediately when you buy a Ranbuild shed. Over 130 Dealerships for Ranbuild exist in Australia. Different shed vendors run their businesses differently. It belongs to you. With the assistance of our dealer network and BlueScope Lysaght, Ranbuild operates a complete tracking system on all sheds. 

What qualities should I seek if I want help with every step of my shed purchase?

Ranbuild knows that buying a shed might be a complicated procedure if it’s not something you frequently do. Because of this, Ranbuild Sheds Dealer Perth are more than pleased to assist you at every step. If Ranbuild Dealers aren’t licenced local builders with expertise in building sheds, they are associated with them and will help you discover the best builder for your needs.

If I decide to construct it myself, what should I look for?

Because every structure is customised to meet your needs, construction costs will vary depending on the building. Buildings created by Ranbuild come with a complete set of construction plans and an extensive assembly manual. These materials provide you with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about how things will proceed. By attaching codes to items, Ranbuild has taken the time to make it simple and let you know which component belongs where. They offer detailed blueprints for the structures, sheets, and slabs.


Every time you purchase a Ranbuild shed, you get a product that is created, supported, and controlled by BlueScope, so you can enjoy the assurance that comes with their numerous warranties. Ranbuild sheds are elevated and given a sophisticated, high-end appearance by COLORBOND® steel Matt coating, which has the gentle capacity to attract the eye. It turns them into cutting-edge structures pushing design and aesthetic frontiers.