Questions Asked Before Buying second hand toyota innova cars?

If you are planning to buy any second hand car like online second hand toyota innova cars india then you must be ready to ask the right questions to the dealers so that your money is not wasted and your decision is wise. So, today we will be talking about the questions which you must ask to the car owners before you buy any new or old used car.

Question 1) Why you taking the decision to buy this car?

Well, this question should be your first question as this shows the owner that you are serious about the car and if there’s a good deal than you may go for it. There are chances that you will get a quick and honest answer to this question, and the reason will probably satisfy you,

Question 2) How much distance has it covered till date?

You should know how much the car has travelled and that’s true it’s not easy to make change in the mileage view, but you never know someone may have made some change. You should know while the car is on sale, does the seller still use it for his own purposes. This is an important thing, as his recent drive also makes a change in the miles.

Question 3) Ask them when was the last repair or service done for the car?

This is also an important question as the answer to this question can lead you to make a good decision. If the car has been serviced recently, then this is a clear sign that the owner cares for his car and thus he does the repairs frequently. This is also a sign that you would not have to spend again on repairs soon, as the last repair was done some time ago only.

Question 4)   It’s Time To Test The Car For Yourself! So ask them for a good test drive!

Now, it’s time to get on the driver’s seat and experience the comfort, speed, etc of the car yourself. This is a must thing which you must do as a car which looks great, may not be great and comfortable while driving. There are many factors which you will come to know after testing the car for yourself. If the owner is hesitating again and again from letting you have a test drive, then you know it’s time to search for another seller.