ProGo 3000 – Offering the best of both worlds and more

Most people are disadvantaged in terms of where they can go and how far they can go, given the limited time they have to travel within the town. You can consider car hire services to help you move around with ease and fast, but you have the traffic jam to worry about. Scooters are ideal, but which type would you go for? The gasoline scooters are strong, but what do we say about global warming and the ecosystem pollution by gasoline combustion? The electrically powered scooters look like a better alternative, but to be honest, who wants to endure the wait time of about 12 hours just to get a full charge that would last you an hour of travel? At last, we can thank the ProGo 3000 producers for saving us with the best of both worlds – the strength of the gasoline powered scooters and the environmental friendliness of the eclectically powered scooters – with a propane powered motor scooter.

Some benefits of using the ProGo 3000 in big towns

Staying ahead of traffic jams: You no longer have to join the long wait in traffic jams as you travel through the city. With the small size of the ProGo 3000, you will be able to maneuver around corners and get away from the large traffic jams ahead of you.

Sustainably powerful engine: unlike the gas-powered scooters that have a 2-stroke engine, the ProGo comes with a 4-stroke 25 cc engine. This actually means more power in simple English. With more power comes faster speed and you don’t have to worry because this personal carrier is designed to support huge weight – up to 200 pounds.

Eco system friendly: The ProGo 3000 is powered by propane, which is a gas that occurs naturally. Unlike gasoline that emits a lot of toxic gases that pollute the air during its engine combustion. Such differences make a propane scooter friendlier for use than the gasoline or petrol alternatives when considering the environmental impact.

Operational ease: The small size of the ProGo 3000 is seen as a great advantage because you are not obliged to park it outside when walking into a store. The fact that it is foldable and easy to carry around adds to its security advantages. Asides this, in cases when you encounter obstacles that the scooter cannot move around, it becomes very easy just to lift by hand and continue your ride after the obstacle.

Speed and stealth: The small size of the ProGo 3000 doesn’t mean it wouldn’t move fast. This machine can travel at a speed of up to 20 mph and moves quietly for that matter. You can travel up to two to three hour’s non-stop on a single propane gas canister. On this same single 16.4 oz. propane cylinder, you can travel up to 30 to 40 miles before you think or refilling.

The benefits of using the ProGo 3000 are more, but with the few stated above, it already becomes apparent why most scooter lovers find this product irresistible. The choice is all yours, do the comparison and go for a choice that is economic, complement your style and the ecosystem would also thank you for.