Popular Lottery Games online

The lottery is one of the most played games online. Since the activity has an easy-to-understand mechanics, great accessibility through betting sites like totojitu, and offers millions of dollars for its jackpot prize, undoubtedly, hundreds of people will surely invest in this entertainment. And just like any other gambling event, lotto also has a lot of different variants; these games differ from their mechanics and the total value they are being offered.

Furthermore, due to the increasing number of its active participants, the web is swarming with various lottery events. These games were known famously because of their reliable and secured system and the prizes they regularly offer; as such, below are some preview of these games.


Powerball is an American game that was popularized because of its massive jackpots. The majority of lotto winners are from the said game. As an example, Powerball has produced a jackpot of $1.586 billion to certain lucky winners last January 2016; the prize was divided into three individuals coming from California, Florida, and Tennessee.

Generally, Powerball follows a mechanics where a set of red Powerballs and five sets of white balls are randomly being drawn by the host. The red ball will be chosen within the 39 Powerballs and the remaining balls will be in the 59 white ones. The game proceeds after the players have their six numbers which can be chosen according to their desired combination or have the terminal randomly pick the numbers. The players would be able to win if their combinations match the drawn numbers.

Mega Millions

Mega Million is one of the most popular lotteries online. Typically, this provides a jackpot of no less than $600 million. However, this record was broken after the prize has reached $1.537 billion this time last year.

Because of this intensity, hundreds of players came swarming into the events causing a huge increase in their participants. And to accommodate such public demand, Mega Million has introduced a new matrix where the starting jackpot now decreased to $40 million. This change has served the decrease of the values for tickets allowing the players to have a better chance of winning since they can now afford to buy multiple ones.

Right now, no record of winning was known which allows the jackpot to increase further in future events. From the current $193 million, if no individual has matched the winning combinations, pretty sure that this will accumulate into billions.


Among other gambling games offered in sites like totojitu, the SuperEnalotto is probably one of the most prospering ones. Originally played in Italy last 1997, this has been producing massive value for jackpots and accommodates millions of participants throughout the years. Unlike the previously mentioned games, this just recently claimed its spotlight after a winner has fully claimed a prize of $209 million. Although this may even be not that big compared to other games, only a single ticket was recorded to have matched the combination; this means that the winner took the whole prize home.