Etherum games which have gained a massive popularity in recent times as the majority of the crypto games are Etherum based. These games are developed in the open-source platform called Etherum, and its cryptocurrency is Ether which is run by the Blockchain technology from Etherum. Some of the popular Etherum games widely trending in the market are:-

  1. Cryptokitties

In this game, the player needs to purchase the cat species and allow them to breed in such a way that they have a longer life and are able to multiply their offsprings. Each cat has unique characteristics which cannot be altered or destroyed. Each cat is assigned a specific number and has distinct DNA. The gaming authorities keep a track of the cat owners through their Etherum based Blockchain method and allow them to trade with other users and gain money.

  1. Ether Online

It is an action-packed game where the player needs to fight several battles having real-time action strategies and increase the point till their hero outruns all the other characters. Here the pets act as heroes to the players and they need to play the entire game fighting with the pets of other players. The pets have different characteristic features like Attack, Defence, health, critical damage which the layer needs to use strategically to increase their levels and earn more money.

  1. Etheremon

Etheremon is the first Etherum based blockchain game which has been loved by millions of users for its decentralized approach. The characters in the game are the Ether monsters or Etheremons. The players need to capture these characters, give them the training to form a powerful team and fight against other teams of the online players. Etheremons can be traded and huge profits can be made in ether currency. The uniqueness of the game is not a single player nor can authorities steal the Etheremon from their owners.

  1. Ether goo

Here you get a cryptokitty in the beginning for free that produces Goo sound. All you need to do is collect more Goo and build your factory to earn money. You can trade the Goo and also take Goo from others by stealing in their factory. It’s a fun game to enjoy.