Points to consider during lanyard printing

Every business organization is opting for lanyard printing to enhance its professional status. Lanyards enable easy identification of its employees and enforce security efficiently at a very pocket-friendly price. This is why almost all companies and institutions adopt lanyard printing.
But before printing lanyards, there are lots of points to consider like the ones given below.
Pointers for successful lanyard printing
Before lanyard printing, consider the following points.
1. What is the purpose of function of the lanyard in your company?
Each company has its own objective in printing lanyards.
• For some, it may be for employee identification for security reasons. For this purpose, the lanyard must be attached to a badge clip to hold the id card.
• Some companies might want to use lanyards for distinguishing its employees from visitors. Here the lanyards have to be printed in multiple colours.
• Some other companies use lanyards for branding. Here the lanyards need to be printed with the company logo, address and tagline etc.
So depending on the purpose of the lanyard, its design varies.
2. Where is the lanyard going to be used?
This factor decides the design and fabrication of the lanyard.
• If the lanyard is used at IT companies, it can be made of a high-quality material with a sober and corporate look.
• Lanyards used at factories must be made of thick and sturdy materials as they are bound to undergo wear and tear.
• Retail stores can use stylish and flashy lanyards for a fashionable look.
• Hospitals and educational institutions must have the lanyards in a colour that conforms to their uniform.
3. What is your budget for lanyard printing?
This answer is going to decide the type, quality and design of the lanyards. Lanyards, by themselves, are economical in price. Still, if you want to design a trendy or fashionable lanyard, the cost might go up. Some companies also fit lanyards with USBs to help their employees save important files and take them home for work.  in this case, too, the cost would increase. So all depends on your style and purpose of the lanyard.
Instead of selecting a lanyard and trying to fit into your budget, the ideal solution would be to fix your budget and the number of lanyards needed. Based on this, your lanyard design is chosen.
4. What is to be printed on the lanyard?
A lanyard used for carrying the ID card for security reasons may have just the company name and logo on it. But a lanyard used for branding will have the company’s logo, name, address and even tagline on it.
5. What is the size of the lanyard?
The next thing to decide would be what is to be printed on the lanyard. If you have only the company logo and name, a shorter lanyard would do. If you want the company’s address or its message printed on it, go for a longer lanyard. So the contents to be printed on the lanyard also determine its size.
6. What would be the colour of the lanyard?
Lanyard printing can be done in any colour you like depending on your company norms. Some companies print lanyards in a single colour while some others print batches in different colours. As a rule, try to get lanyards printed with trusted providers to ensure that they are printed in fast colours which do not run off.
7. What is the lanyard clip you are going to use?
Lanyards use a different type of clips t hold the badge or card. Alligator clips, badge pins, carabiner reels or hooks are normally used.

Lanyard printing looks easy and simple but needs a lot of precise planning. Entrust into the hands of a trusted provider and get your lanyard printing done efficiently and effortlessly.