Perfect Options for The Essential Criminal Support

At most law firms it is possible to make an appointment about the rate, usually an hourly rate. The amount of the hourly rate depends on the circumstances of the case and the extent of the case.

Fixed fee

In some cases, a fixed price can be agreed upon, whereby you agree on one amount in advance for the handling of your case. Sometimes, for example, for making an alimony calculation or for giving advice. Usually, however, a fixed price agreement is often not possible because the expected work in a case is usually not known in advance.

Legal assistance insurance

Do you have legal assistance insurance? A lawyer is often reimbursed. Report the existence of legal expenses insurance immediately at the start of the first meeting with your lawyer. With proper criminal defense attorney fees the options are perfect.

No cure no pay

No-cure-no-pay is not accepted by any lawyer. The rules of conduct of the Netherlands Bar Association prohibit lawyers from working on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

Pro bono

In some cases it is possible that you can consult a lawyer on a pro bono basis, also referred to as addition or subsidized legal aid. The government then pays a large part of the costs. Whether you are eligible for criminal law treatment of your case depends on your income and assets. Not all lawyers accept pro bono cases. On our website you can see which offices accept pro bono issues.

Personal preference

Last but not least, your personal preference must play a decisive role in selecting a lawyer. Before you decide to work with a lawyer, you should always have a personal conversation in a case that depends a lot. You must get the feeling that you are in good hands and understand each other well. Everything revolves around communication. It is very important that you can communicate well with your lawyer in a way that suits you.

Sometimes the emotion plays a major role, for example in family matters such as an inheritance or divorce. Although it makes no legal difference in content, one feels better understood by a female lawyer and the other feels more comfortable with a male lawyer. Young, old, male, female, 20 years of experience or 5 years of experience, high rate, low rate, everything is possible.

Always choose a lawyer where you feel comfortable and where you are convinced that he will take care of your case in the way you wish. It is not for nothing that we have included a profile page for all lawyers so that you can get a first impression of the lawyers associated with an office .