Not liking the taste of CBD oil? Here’s how to mask its taste

 As more and more people are getting interested in the CBD compound (thanks to the word of mouth marketing), they are discovering different ways to consume it. You’re not alone if the powerful flavour of CBD oil makes your nose turn away from it. In actuality, a sizable portion of the population despises this taste.

Considering the number of benefits one can experience with CBD, such as relief from body aches, improved mood, etc., it doesn’t make sense to drop CBD oil from your lifestyle on the basis of its taste. But is it possible to cover up the taste of CBD oil? Yes, there are plenty of them. In this blog, we will be looking at those ways and discussing them.

What methods can we use to mask the overwhelming taste of CBD oil?

To make your experience of consuming CBD oil more enjoyable, here are tricks and tips for doing so:

  1. Keep a snack nearby: Using food is one of the most common ways to mask the flavour of CBD oil. Grab your preferred snack first, and keep it nearby. Take the oil and eat the food afterwards to get rid of the earthy flavour. People frequently select chocolate since even one square of it effectively hides the flavour of full-spectrum CBD.
  2. Chew some gum or mint drops: The essential oils of the aromatic herb mint have a potent punch of reviving flavours that are ideal for masking the taste of CBD oil. After taking the tincture, all you have to do is chew gum, a Tic Tac, or a mint. Additionally, you have the option of taking the oil and the mint simultaneously. No worries, the combination doesn’t interfere with the absorption rate of CBD. The earthy taste that people typically experience at the end should be lessened by this.
  3. Brush your teeth before consuming CBD oil: If you don’t like the flavour of the oil, your toothpaste’s minty flavour will cover it up. But more crucially, a toothbrush gets rid of the microscopic layer of germs that builds up on your mouth’s mucus lining. By not sticking to the film, CBD absorbs more quickly and leaves a smaller aftertaste on your tongue. It’s not required to brush your teeth afterward, although this might help you to get rid of the aftertaste.
  4. Use Your Nose to Breathe: Have you ever wondered or questioned why being ill prevents you from tasting food? Because a blocked nose reduces the sensitivity of your taste receptors to flavours. This technique may also be effective at masking the flavour of CBD oil. Close your mouth and begin breathing through your nose after placing the oil under your tongue. Even while this isn’t the best method for covering up the flavour of CBD oil, since the air won’t be drawn over your tongue, it might make you feel less uncomfortable. Holding your nose can even completely prevent you from tasting.
  1. Have a Drink: This might sound like a dead giveaway, but once you’ve swallowed the CBD oil, you can keep a drink nearby to wash away the taste. Even water will be helpful, but the greater the flavour of your beverage, the greater the likelihood of effective masking. Many CBD users believe that mixing their oils with coffee is a fantastic way to eliminate the pine and earthy flavours. Try lemon juice or a milkshake if coffee isn’t your thing; both should work.
  2. Place a Small Amount of Honey Under Your Tongue: Honey is a sweetener that may be used to effectively cover the flavour of CBD oil. You don’t need to worry about adding extra calories because it only takes a few drops. Simply mix a spoonful of honey with a few drops of CBD oil using a toothpick or another spoon. Put the mixture under your tongue to absorb CBD while enjoying the sweet flavour.
  3. Put CBD oil in Yogurt: Not a sweet tooth fan? No problem. We got it covered for you. Natural yogurt is healthy and will do the job of masking the taste of your CBD oil. Simply mix the oil with yogurt and ingest it that way to get rid of the earthy taste. Naturally, you can also consume a teaspoon right away after gulping down the oil.

What causes CBD to taste the way it does?

Did you know that terpenes, a family of chemicals present in many plants, are responsible for the distinctive flavour of CBD oil? They are present naturally and provide everything from cannabis to pine to lavender a distinctive fragrance spectrum. The hemp plant has about 200 different types of terpenes, according to a study published in the Molecules chemical magazine in 2020. It makes sense why you could have trouble expressing its rich flavour profile. If you are consuming full-spectrum CBD oil India which has an earthy, musky, and slightly bitter flavour, you might wish to cover it up if you use it.

How Come CBD Oil Is Put Under the Tongue?

Sublingual administration offers quicker results. A dropper is used to dispense the desired amount of CBD oil, which is then placed under the tongue and held there for up to 60 seconds before being swallowed. CBD enters your bloodstream in this manner by passing through a network of small capillaries in your mouth. To enhance the absorption surface area, swirl the oil around the gums with your tongue. The sublingual method of CBD increases the quantity of CBD that enters your cells.


The flavour of CBD is raw, earthy, and a bit nutty, and it is completely understandable if you can’t stand the taste of CBD oil. Owing to the wonderful benefits one can experience with CBD oil, the aforementioned benefits will help you consume CBD oil. You need to be cautious of subpar brands and goods because CBD-infused products are becoming more and more popular. Poor manufacturing techniques and procedures, among other things, might result in CBD oil tasting rather terrible. That is why you should always buy cannabidiol oil in India from responsible hemp companies, as they select premium hemp crops to ensure that the plants are free of pesticides and other potentially dangerous elements. The high-quality CBD oil, therefore, originates from hemp plants grown by authorized local farmers in the United States. It is more difficult to assess the calibre of the CBD oil produced in other nations due to the absence of farming restrictions in such nations. It goes without saying that premium CBD oil is always organic.