Make your Daily Chores a Fun Activity among your roommates in Bangalore

Whether you stay in a single room for rent in Bangalore or a PG in Bangalore, you will be required to do a lot of chores with your roommates. Chores refer to the menial household tasks which have to be done on a repetitive basis, so as to ensure that the house remains clean. From our childhood, doing chores have been the worst part of our lives. Most chores are mind-numbing, and it is hard to find a chore which is interesting. However, the fact remains that you have to work with your roommate, so why not make it interesting?

Here, let’s take a look at a few ideas which can help you make the chores at your 1bhk House for rent in Koramangala Bangalore bearable, and maybe even make it fun:


Music makes everything better and more fun- that is a universal truth. It is applicable in the case of chores too, since the right kind of music can really set the tone for a fun session. The music has to be upbeat, peppy numbers, with a high BPM count, so that it really pumps you and your roommate up. Also, remember to consider your roommate’s taste in music, before creating a playlist- nobody wants to do the chores with a grumpy partner. If music is not available at your flat for rent in Bangalore for some reason, you can always just sing together. Clean your apartment on rent in Bangalore to the beat of your song, while thinking about how clean it is going to be when you are done.

Freshen it up!

While doing the chores, it is important that you or your roommate do not feel stuffed at all. To avoid the room feeling stuffy and congested, turn on the lights and open all the windows. This will ensure that fresh air and lots of light enter the room, and will make you both feel as good as new. This habit is not only refreshing, but is also healthy.

Use your Imagination

When we were all kids, remember how we used to pretend stuff to make the chores seem less boring? The same thing applies when you are adults, too- only the stuff you imagine changes. Imagine your plans for the future, and discuss all that with your roommate; you will find out that time passes quickly.


Between work and the pressure of socialising, you might find yourself with less time to spend with your roommate. The time of doing chores is best to build to great bonds, and this can be done by chatting with him/her extensively. Speak what is in your mind, without holding back; after the chores, you will find yourself thick as ever with your roommates.

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