Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

Many yard owners wish to enhance their yards while ensuring that going forward minimal maintenance will be needed, however a large number of these people end up putting off landscaping due to not knowing how to achieve this. We urge these people not to worry, in this post we are going to be providing a plethora of landscaping ideas for yards, all of which are low maintenance and easy to care for.

Ideas for You

Stone choice matters:

When it comes to selecting stone for yards many people simply choose the first stone, or the cheapest stone in which they come across, however this is a really bad idea. People are advised to research all of the different yard stone flooring options in order to determine the best stone for their individual needs and requirements. Some stones are much easier to maintain than other, requiring only the occasional wash down to stay in the greatest conditions, with certain stones even improving with age – This must be something that you want if you’re a low-maintenance kind of person.

Consider your foundation:

You must ensure that before laying stone flags or paving that you first of all establish a strong surface. Through putting down a six to eight inch layer of pea stones before putting stone flags down, you will find that going forward your life will be much easier – You won’t have weed or re-level flags.

Invest in mulch:

Instead of using grass for your flower and garden beds, landscape gardenersurge all looking for minimal maintenance to choose mulch instead.  Much is one of the best investments that people can make; this is because it breaks down, fertilisers’ plants and prevents weeds. It’s affordable, low maintenance and doesn’t require to be watered or mowed like other alternatives. Not only this, but it only typically has to be replaced one a year.

Fill yards with perennials:

If you like things to be low maintenance, but love flowers – we have a solution perfect for you. Perennials, perennials, and more perennials. Go to your local garden centre and stock up on perennials, once you have planted them, they will come back without hesitation each year without you having to put in a lot of effort. Some of the most popular perennials to consider include chrysanthemum, iris, bergenia, pulmonaria and helenium.

Don’t disregard artificial grass:

Many people often shy away from artificial grass, thinking that it is fake and tacky in appearance however this is not the case. Over the years artificial grass has advanced amazingly and now looks just like the real thing. This flooring solution requires zero maintenance and doesn’t face being spoiled by children and pets; it provides a win-win situation all year round.

If you are someone that requires extra advice and guidance, there are many landscapers and gardeners available and ready to assist, some of the greatest can be found here: www.londonstone.co.uk/find-landscapers-and-garden-designers.