La Paz –   Good times and Tan times.

As rightly pointed out when you’re at the beach – time you enjoyed wasting, is not time wasted. La Paz, a vibrant Mexican city with a personality of its own is one such place in Baja California Sur. La Paz means Peace and when you are In La Paz time is just a number. This city has so much to offer, from churches, cafes, museums, to beaches and boats. One of the must-do activities of La Paz is Sailing La Paz. This city is known for its boat and sailing tours.

Usually, people living in coastal regions are well aware of these activities, but for others, it’s something new, so what are these boat tours or sailing tours.

What is a boat tour?

When you visit any new place, it’s very important to know what kind of activities the place offers, as this will help you experience things that are indigenous to it. As La Paz faces the Sea of Cortes, it is known for its adrenaline filled water activities like boating tour, fishing, kayaking, snookering, whale watching etc. But out of all these activities, the one that stands out is Boating or boat tour.

A boat tour is usually short – ride taken on a boat to explore the sea and the serenity of water. The boating time varies somewhere between 20 minutes – to a day trip. Depending on the tour service to pick an activity you want to do. The boat tour is the best way to let go of your daily hassles and get lost in the sea world.

There are different types of boat tours, you can opt for a self-drive boat like motor boats or kayaking etc. or you go for a guided boat tour where you can experience sea from a locals point of view. Sea is a gift to humanity and exploring this is an excellent opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. When you’re in La Paz do not miss the boating tour.

Must do boat tours of La Paz.

Whale shark tour:

If you’re looking for an awe factor on your trip to La Paz, then what’s more thrilling than swimming with sharks. La Paz is one of the places in the world that offers you this. Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world, yet they are harmless as they feed on small fishes and Plankton. They are easy to spot even from above the water surface in whale watching season between Oct to March.

For this, you’re taken on a boat ride to the protected area where whales live. This is a small group guided tour, where you can jump into the sea and flutter your fins to catch up with this majestic creature. But do restrain yourself from touching them.

Isla Espiritu Santo

La Paz is the gateway to a world heritage site on Cortez sea that is abundant in an ecosystem called Isla Espiritu Santo. On this boat trip, you get to sail along white sand beaches and red dessert limestone cliffs. It’s usually a day trip; it includes exploring dessert beaches, kayaking or spotting turtles, Dolphins, and Manta ray. The highlight is swimming among sea lion and taking a dip in the salt water.

When you’re in La Paz do not forget to take a boat tour, enjoy their seafood and have a Picnic with sun, sand, and sea.