Know the Tata IPL Fantasy League Rules Before Playing

Due to the emergence of the Indian Premier League by the Board of Cricket Control in India, the IPL fantasy league became popular among online game enthusiasts. It is a virtual game where a user can create his own team of 11 players and compete with other users on the platform. Today, it has become an integral part of cricket and one of the most popular tournaments played across borders.

Fantasy cricket is based on the performance of the selected 11 players in a real match. With the new season starting on March 31st, it is crucial for the users to know the rules before start contesting in the games. It will help you make informed decisions. So, let us discuss them below:

Team Selection Rules

To build a solid team that can get you more points, follow the below combination while selecting your players.

  • You get 100 credits to select 11 players from the playing two teams.
  • Pick 1-4 wicketkeepers, 3-6 batsmen, 3-6 bowlers, and 1-4 all-rounders for your fantasy cricket team.
  • Select the team’s captain and vice-captain where the captain gets double the points and the vice-captain gets 1.5x times the points scored.
  • You can select a maximum of 7 players from a single team.
  • 4 overseas players are allowed.

Booster Rules

In the IPL fantasy league, you get six boosters to elevate your rank on the leaderboard.

  • In the first three days or first four matches, you can use Power batter IPL booster.
  • Utilize the other five boosters Power Bowler, Power Wicketkeeper, Power Overseas Player, Power All-Rounder, and Power Uncapped Player at different stages of the tournament.
  • With boosters, the points of the respective players will get doubled.

Moreover, be informed that IPL fantasy rules or the way to win can differ from application to application. Therefore, it is recommended to check the guidelines properly before playing on any fantasy cricket application. 

Benefits of Playing Fantasy IPL Games

Here are the listed top benefits of playing fantasy cricket games:

  • Get the opportunity to play with friends.
  • Makes one feel like they are part of the sport even if they do not know too much about it.
  • You will get the opportunity to win cash prizes.
  • Get to create your own team like an owner.
  • Grab chances to compete against other people.
  • An opportunity to know the international talents.
  • Does not require any special equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tata IPL fantasy cricket league?

Tata IPL fantasy league is a strategy-based online cricket game, where users get a chance to create a virtual IPL team of real cricketers playing in real matches. You can earn points based on the player’s performance in the actual matches.

2. What is the daily challenge of IPL fantasy league?

The fantasy cricket daily challenge is where you can play throughout the season and win rewards at the end of the premier league. Besides, you can participate in multiple daily challenges based on the match of that day.

3. What are the rewards of IPL fantasy cricket league?

You can win a variety of prizes like a car, cash, and whatnot. Moreover, these prizes can differ from application to application. However, one of the leading fantasy cricket applications, Dream11 is offering a Dream sale that provides you with an opportunity to win Rs 1.5 crores, an Audi car, etc. 

4. What is the leaderboard?

A leaderboard allows users to check how their team ranks amongst all the other competitors. Fantasy points will get updated every minute during every match.

5. Starting date of the new IPL fantasy league

March 31, 2023 is the start date IPL fantasy league.

In conclusion, understanding the rules and regulations of the Tata IPL Fantasy League is crucial for anyone looking to participate in the game. Knowing the basics such as team composition, player selection, and point-scoring can give players an edge over their competitors. It’s important to note that the rules may vary from season to season, so it’s crucial to keep up to date with any changes. Additionally, staying up to date with the performance of players, teams, and upcoming fixtures can help players make informed decisions when creating their fantasy teams. Ultimately, the Tata IPL Fantasy League is an excellent opportunity for cricket enthusiasts to showcase their knowledge and skills, and by following the rules, they can increase their chances of success.