Key determinants of modular kitchen price

Many people look for a modular kitchen these days in their homes. Those days are gone when you had to run after carpenters and select designs, which were billed according to their whims. You can find several websites that offer you indicative pricing regarding a Modular kitchen price on the basis of rough designs. The costing may not meet your budget. So, you find out the cost of your modular kitchen by adjusting the complete plan as per your budget.

There are 5 key factors that determine the price/cost of modular kitchen are as follows:

  1. Layout and size of your kitchen

The size as well as the layout of your kitchen (L, U, parallel, straight), is directly related to the price of a modular kitchen. Large kitchens need more modules and therefore, the cost shall rise. In small kitchens, you need fewer modules and so the cost shall dropdown. The use of kitchen space plays a key role. A frequent traveler or extremely busy individual may opt for the necessary modules while a full-time cook may use maximum space and modules in kitchens.

  1. Materials and finishes

A wide range of finishes and materials are used for modular kitchens and selecting the materials plays a vital role to decide the price of modular kitchens. You can choose from a wide variety of finishes that have different prices such as acrylic, laminate, membrane, glass, etc. Matt finish is cheaper compared to a gloss finish. Laminate finish, on the other hand, is budget-friendly. Just explore the options available for getting a clear idea of which materials and finishes are suitable for your kitchen.

  1. Inbuilt appliances

Inbuilt appliances ensure a good design instead of purchasing appliances separately. The built-in options in a modular kitchen reduce the hassle of purchasing them individually. However, built-in appliances such as dishwasher, oven are more expensive compared to conventional counterparts because they are more comfortable, easy-to-use, and their design is seamless.

  1. Backsplash material and countertop

The countertop is an important part of a modular kitchen and it amounts to a huge cost. You should choose countertops wisely considering the strength and durability of the materials including the looks that will improve the decor value of your kitchen interior. Corian, quartz and polished granites have a high-end and natural finish that makes them favorite countertop materials. Quartz is an expensive counter-top material while granite is available at an economical rate.

For the backsplash, users opt for materials including metals, glass, and stone for the backsplash of kitchen walls.

  1. Kitchen accessories

Every kitchen should have the correct accessories that complement the design of the kitchen appropriately. Kitchen accessories including drawer inserts, roll-out cabinets, drawer dividers, and others affect the price of a modular kitchen. Chose the right ones adjustable with the kitchen design, color, and materials used.

The above list is the key determinant of the price of modular kitchens. Consider them while fixing your budget or choose the products, accessories, and materials according to your budget.