The Frenchie is often observed to be a small and happy dog with a sense of cheerfulness. Their energy is often very high and they love to run and play. They are known to have unlimited energy to hang around new people and are little bundles of joy like kids, being a great addition to any family.

A French Bulldog isn’t very vocal and may bark infrequently which is why they make good apartment dogs and can manage in places of a large population. They are ideal for people who are sensitive to high volumes. A Frenchie dog also gets protective about their owners and because of this they sometimes bark at the presence of strangers or anyone unfamiliar.

The reason why they are so protective is because of the original traits of the French bulldog who has a self-centered personality. They love to be the point of attraction and attention and tend to get spoiled by the love of the family. They get very used to get pampered and adored and can also suffer from small dog syndrome due to which they may not at all appreciate someone who isn’t a part of the family, but outside the house, they may gladly meet new people. They are social and may happily approach them and get cozy with them if they feel safe and comfortable around them. Since they love attention, if the stranger is giving a lot of attention, Frenchie reciprocates it.

There is no age limit to the playing of the dog and can live happily with people from all age groups, doesn’t matter whether they are around children, adults, or old-aged people. They safely co-exist with children of all ages. Also, because of their small size, they can’t harm anything or anyone in particular and do not come with much of a risk factor. Their lack of muscles makes them unable to cause much damage and they also lack in the intimidation department.

 They are not the best dogs if one is looking for a pet to guard the family since they do not even make good watchdogs. This trait can be good for the owners and the neighbors but isn’t very reasonable if one is scared of intruders. They enjoy it better when they are allowed to sleep inside the house rather than outside guarding it. If one enjoys a fun time and loves to watch and get involved in comical behavior they should go for this breed.

Therefore, the French bulldog makes a good family dog in case of fun, enjoyment, and acting as a member of the family, but in the case when someone is planning on buying a dog for security purposes they aren’t the best choice to go with.