Inverting and Tilting Method for Pallet Changer

Pallet changers that use the tilting and inverting method can be more suitable for handling drums, sacks, or overhanging goods. Therefore, whenever you find any goods that are insensitive but not too stable, you may prefer a certain pallet inverter that can easily handle different sizes of pallets, even if the quality of pallets is poor.

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Pallets can be changed up to 40 times each hour. Two side walls hold the products in place during the tilting procedure. The palletizer then tilts backward by 135⁰. At floor level, the pallet can quickly and simply be replaced by each individual tilting.

Also, there is a power unit for hydraulic up-ender that provides an ideal source of power for secondary functions like shifting saddles and also pallet centring.

A hydraulic up-ender’s lower platform makes loading and unloading easier, allowing them to handle a range of equipment for secondary handling tasks, such as:

  • Roll discharge tilt platforms.
  • Shifting saddles.
  • Pallet-centring systems.
  • Load and unload conveyors

Options for flexibility

A wide variety of configurations of load can be handled by hydraulic up-ender platforms, including long loads like paper rolls, or some other loads whose length can be significantly larger than their diameter or width.

Many industrial applications need tilting, which is an available choice for hydraulic up-enders. Different types of conveyor decks are existing to put up specific loads. Traveling up-enders are equipped with wheels for either rail travel or mobile use.

A hydraulic up-ender may have one platform that is much smaller than the other, making it appropriate for loads that are bigger in one dimension.

These coil up-enders are capable of handling many coils.

Safety features

  • Maintenance lockout pins.
  • Factory-set pressure relief values.
  • Guarding and warning labels observe industry standards.

With pricey forklifts, you can streamline the risky process of turning coils or rolls while safeguarding your staff from occupational accidents.

To modify the product’s vertical or horizontal orientation for shipment or production, 90⁰ pallet tippers and up-enders rotate the product within a 90⁰ radius. Pallet tippers and pallet up-enders come in economical, low-duty, high-cycle, mechanical, and high-capacity models.

Pallet tippers are available in a number of designs. Mechanical up-enders, hydraulic tippers, electric tippers, and coil positioners are available with rated capacities ranging from one to fifty tonnes.

Standard configurations include:

  • End to end
  • Floor level
  • Raised height
  • Low level
  • Side to side

You can also inquire about any specially designed solutions for your specific purpose. For low-volume duty up to production duty for three-shift, round-the-clock operations, a variety of power unit systems are offered.

Businesses that cater to various demands provide a variety of 90⁰ tippers and up-enders.

You can learn more about all these types of equipment by contacting and discussing with the Engineers of Top Industries. You can find here is Linkedin profile and update yourself with the latest developments.