India’s Top 5 Best Casinos in Goa

Goa, which is known to be ‘the’ party destination of India, also happens to be among the select three places in the country where gambling and running casinos is legal. (Sikkim and Daman are the other two.) Because Goa has the rare and, therefore, special privilege of treating swarms of poker enthusiasts and gamblers, who also spend hours playing online poker to win real money, the state has an impressive number of casinos to boast. The tiny state overflows with options to choose from when one is in the mood for some smart gaming that can earn big bucks and bring along high-level entertainment. Here are top 5 picks:

Deltin Royale Casino

This is the go-to hub for the filthy-rich who love splurging on card games and other gambles like nobody’s business. Started by the Deltin Group, the Deltin Royale boasts a breath-taking 40,000sq.ft. of area dedicated to luxury gaming, besides all the offerings of a premium cruise liner: great food, drinks, and high-level entertainment. This ship, which floats on the Mandovi River, has more than 700 gaming positions that are distributed across 4 levels. What completes the luxury experience at this vessel are the smashing performances by some of the finest in the entertainment industry and a conducive atmosphere for a fun family stay.

Casino Pride

This is another famous casino in Goa, which also happens to float on the Mandovi River. The exhaustive options of games here can make one lose track of time once they are on the floor. Not just that, the golden décor of the gaming floor is mesmerizing, transporting one to an altogether different world. Casino games on offer at this vessel include 5 Card Poker, Rummy, Blackjack, Flush, AndarBahar, and Texas Hold’em. It is a delightful sight to watch the floor come alive with over-enthusiastic guests, some who leave richer, and some who leave with hopes of better luck next time. Enriching the experience are the delectable cuisines offered at the restaurants and the endless options at the bar.

Dunes- The Casino

This casino is a new addition in the premium luxury resort, The Zuri White Sands hotel. For a property that is already a hot pick among the big-moneyed, this casino has turned out to be a major plus. Roulette, rummy, blackjack, and slot machines are among the inclusions at the gaming area in this 154-room resort. However, the casino finds more favor among the men than women. The ambience and interiors of the casino are also well conceived, with subdued colors and just the right amount of lighting.

Chances Casino

Part of the Chances Resort, this casino is beautifully done up with a great variety of card games and slot machines to spend time and loads of money. The casino covers a good 30,000 sq. ft. of area in the resort and makes for a fine choice for both professionals as well as amateurs. The atmosphere, too, is highly family-friendly: there is a kid’s garden and a multi-cuisine restaurant included. Along with the main gaming floor is a VIP gaming room. Options for testing Lady Luck’s charm are electronic roulette, video slots, poker games, and royal ascot horse racing.

Casino Pearl

This casino is located in South Goa and is part of the 5-star Bogmallo Beach Resort. It is a favorite among foreigners as much as it is among Indians, primarily because of its proximity to the international airport. As much as the resort is a more-than-fulfilling paradise for a relaxing holiday with your loved ones, the casino is a haven for poker and gambling aficionados alike. Blackjack, Tai-Sai, Roulette, and Baccarat are among the many immersive games on offer at this place.