How to make a good time table to crack NEET 2017

NEET 2017 is just weeks away now and if you are one of the medical aspirants who will be appearing in it, you know what I’m talking about when I say that the candidates must all be expectant and apprehended at the same time. It is the single most important medical entrance exam that will be taken by lakhs of students all over the country. Now that the government has replaced all state PMTs with NEET, the number of seats have increased but the competition has become stiffer than ever before.

To crack NEET 2017, you need to have proper planning, strategizing and focus. To achieve that, you need to devise some sort of a study timetable for NEET 2017. Making a timetable should be for your own good, not to harm your schedule but to tame it in such a way that you get maximum done in the minimum time. Which is why you should only refer to others’ timetable but not copy it exactly. Not everybody shares the same strengths and weaknesses. But on what basis should your timetable be structured?

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How to prepare a study timetable for NEET 2017

Know your syllabus: Make sure you get the latest syllabus right so you don’t miss out on anything. List it all down subject wise and run it through again.

List all important chapters: Next, mark all the important NEET chapters under each subject or color code them according to their weightage.

Start with your strongest chapters: Always start with your strongest chapters first. First, you will get through with them faster (say 1 hour per chapter), and secondly, it will boost your confidence levels.

Spend time on weak but important chapters: Next, move to the important chapters but ones that you are weak in. Allot more time for them, say 6 hours per chapter.

Leave enough time for revision: However you do it, make sure you leave time for revision towards the end because revision is crucial. You cannot leave it out no matter what.

This is just a guideline to create your own study timetable. Self-study is the most effective way to prepare for NEET 2017 and with a study timetable to complement your preparation you can easily solve the problem of how to crack NEET 2017!