How to Get Featured on Beatport?

Beatport is basically an online store which is oriented towards DJs and electronic music. It was launched in the year 2004 and used as a platform to sell full songs along with the resources which could be used for remixes. However, now Beatport is trying to widen its audience by expanding its service into original content and aims at the fans of EDM, culture, covering news, live streaming events, on-demand music streaming from their catalog, and others. Let us know talk about how to get featured on it.

  • First of all, you should know that you can get your music on Beatport either through an online distributor or by uploading the mixes through it.
  • Now comes selling your music on Beatport. In the present scenario, Beatport is working with labels for direct signing which states that they will consider only label application such as having a minimum of 6 months release schedule and accompanying marketing initiatives, online presence established on various social media platforms, DJ testimonials which have previous releases and promotions.

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  • Being a new artist, you might not be a part of the label, in such case you need to consider working with a distributor or an aggregator as he may help you in streamline your distribution through the online retailers.
  • Beatport helps you to upload mixes to their platform. If you want to sell your mix on this platform, then there is a condition that the track of your file should be purchased from the Beatport account which is associated with your DJ profile. Unless you buy tracks from them, you can only upload a mix for preview only.
  • The next thing that you will get, once you upload your content through Beatport is an artist page. This page will help your fans link to your music on their social networking pages and allows your fans to follow you on the platform. The requirements for the artist page include a professional photograph and a bio.
  • Being an artist, you will definitely want to get featured on the Beatport site, and for that, you need to do these few things-
  • Research your distributor as some of the distributors and labels are more successful than others in this platform.
  • Beatport plans to feature their artists four weeks prior as they give time to work on graphics.
  • It is important to remain professional in all your communication, along with all promotional material, which is solid.

All these tips will help you in getting featured on Beatport and building your career.