How to conduct the online questionnaire?

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How do you know if your employees are satisfied with their work in the company, given that not all people can openly talk about what they don’t like? There are many reasons for this: fear of dismissal, prejudice, etc. The best option that will help the HR department understand its weaknesses and strengths is receiving anonymous feedback from employees with the help of the services that make a survey free.

Important questions for effective questionnaires

Among the most important questions for answering how to create a questionnaire are the following:

  • Are your employees fully informed about why you are conducting the questionnaire, why they need to share ideas, and how it will be useful for them?
  • Are you using a questionnaire method that is appropriate for your organization (have you taken into account maturity level, type of culture, and previous experience?) Are you sure that the chosen option will give you high engagement and reliability of answers?
  • Are you sure that the selected sets of questions measure what you want to measure?

The best service offers not only ordinary tests but also crosswords, puzzles, games, determining chronology, and other tasks. The basis is ready-made quizzes; you can conduct your own questionnaire. The level of difficulty is adjustable, and you can leave comments and hints.

Questionnaire – the most effective method for intangible motivation

The questionnaire is one of the most effective methods of intangible motivation. To conduct it, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Tell what exactly you value in the employee’s work or which of his personal qualities impress you: for example, meeting deadlines, high efficiency, and constant self-development.
  • Tell the employee how his work affected the result of the team and the entire company. Emphasize that you appreciate the person’s success and that it is important to you that their achievements are repeated in the future.