How Must One Be Eligible to Use IRS-EIN-Tax-ID.com?

Anyone who owns a business that requires or is eligible for an employer identification number is eligible to use the IRS-EIN-Tax-ID website. An EIN is required if you have any employees or partners or if you operate your business as a corporation. You also need an EIN if your business is a farmers’ cooperative, a real estate mortgage investment organization, is a trust or estate, is a plan administration or is part of a Keogh plan. Do you withhold money for taxes or for non-wage purposes from a non-resident, or does your company sell tobacco, liquor or firearms? You’ll also need an employer identification number.

How to Start the Application Process

Starting your application with IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service is simple. First, choose the type of business entity for which you’re applying, and then fill out the easy-to-understand application. After answering a few questions about yourself and your business, submit your application along with the one-time filing fee. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

How to Check on Your Application

In many cases, you may not even need to check on your application. If you submit it before 3:00 p.m. PST, you’ll receive your IRS EIN number in your email the very same day. If it’s after 3:00 p.m., you’ll receive it the next business day. However, you can also use the IRS EIN lookup to track your business and see if it’s been assigned a number yet.

How to Use Your EIN

Your employer identification number allows you to do many things to better your business. You can apply for business lines of credit, open bank accounts and apply for necessary business licenses. In addition, the EIN allows you to file taxes for your company and hire employees.

Get your business off the ground. Obtain an EIN to start reaping the benefits as soon as today. Contact IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service for more information.

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