The Dos and Don’ts When Moving

Planning to move into a new home in Sydney? Well there could be some stress and headache ahead of you, especially if you’re planning a DIY move.

Make your move run smoother by following these do’s and don’ts when hiring experts from https://billremovalistssydney.com.au/ today.

Do’s of Moving

  • Use Bill Removalists Sydney;
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand something or have a problem about a particular item;
  • Keep your valuables like passport and money in a secured box move it yourself
  • Measure your new home in advance so you know whether your existing furniture will fit in or not.
  • Make sure the movers know where each box should be placed in your new house.
  • Make sure that breakable items are wrapped and boxed properly. Put a label on the box.
  • Keep the pets and children away during the packing and lugging items to the truck.
  • Check every single cupboard in your house before leaving.
  • Read every paper and document that the removalist company hands in.
  • When wrapping and packing lamps, make sure the bulbs are removed first.
  • Trust the Professional Removalists Sydney.

Don’ts of Moving

  • Do not offer alcohol to removalists as beverages;
  • Do not interfere with the removalists as they move around your house. Well, unless you want the process to take longer time;
  • Do not leave any food in your fridge or leave dirty dishes unattended. Also pay attention to dirty clothes. Pack them as well.
  • Do not bother the removalists when they are moving or lifting heavy objects unless your concern is really important. Distractions may cause injuries, slip ups and even leads to destruction of property.
  • If there is a gasoline powered item or equipment, make sure that it is drained of fuel before packing or transporting the item
  • Do not remove your dresses or clothes to your wooden dresser to save box and space.
  • Do not let any of your things be packed without the right paperwork being signed and received.
  • Do not rely on the moving price alone when hiring a mover. The quality of service, the safety, and other factors should be taken into consideration.

Additional Moving Tips

  • Do not just give verbal direction. It helps if the movers have a guide to follow so print particular directions to your new home. Give it to everyone involved in the moving process.
  • Ask for a friend’s or a family member’s help when overseeing your moving process in either the new or old home.
  • Make sure that at the moving day, you check every corner of your house to make sure no big furniture or any item is left behind.
  • Show your gratitude to the movers especially if you think they did a good job. It means a lot to them.

Choose the experts. Choose Bill Removalists Sydney.

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