How can I prevent my lungs from catching a cold?

The phrase of catching a cold is referring to someone who is infected with a virus that is usually harmless. It usually involves the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat). Children younger than 6 years old are prone to catch a cold although it is also commonly seen among healthy adults usually 2-3 times annually. It may resolve on its own without any specific medications in a week or two. However, the symptoms might persist in those who are smoking or having low body immunity.

There are many ways of preventing it from happening. It is recommended to always keep the hand clean. Make a habit of washing hands as much as someone possibly can. Every time before and after eating, after shaking hands, and after going to the toilet. Experts say that running lots of water over the hands will dilute any germs and making hands clean and it is highly recommended to use soap to make it easier for the germs to slough off. In some cases where to always wash hands is difficult, one may bring an easy-to-carry alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is easily available in the supermarket. The most common place where the virus may get into the body is through the nose, mouth, and eyes. So, it is advisable not to touch the face if possible can. In certain circumstances like when the face is getting itchy uncontrollably, use tissue as the cover for the fingers or hands instead. Unless you are sure that your hand is clean or you just recently washed your hand, it is an exception. When sneezing or coughing, be sure to use a tissue to cover it. We don’t want to spread germs to others and hopefully, others will follow it as well. After using the tissue, be sure to discard it right away and wash the hands right after. It is also important to practice sneeze or cough into the bend of the elbow or the armpit because you will not shake hands using that part of your body with others. That way, we are covering our mouths without using hands. When someone in the family has a cold, it is advisable to disinfect the stuff inside the house especially the kitchen and bathroom countertops or maybe children’s toys with a disinfectant periodically. Apart from that, it is recommended to get a flu shot annually to those who are older than six months of age, especially around October where flu season starts showing up. As immunity is highly dependent on the condition of the body, it is important to keep the body healthy. By getting enough sleep may enhance the immune system so it will help the body to fight germs, especially when someone is catching a cold. When the body is tired, the body isn’t fighting as hard so it is advisable to get 8-10 hours of sleep every day. Other than sleep, it is also important to eat well and exercise regularly. Eat more vegetables and fruits as they contain a lot of vitamins and may enhance the immune system. It is the same concept applies when someone working out regularly and exercise as it also may improve the immune system and make the body healthier and stronger. Other than that, by quitting smoking, avoiding sharing food or food container, and by smiling once in a while may help someone to prevent the lung from catching a cold. Get answers by DoctorOnCall for more tips on cold prevention and to get free medical consultation online.