How ACH Payments Can Increase Adult Business Sales 

Adult merchants are tabbed as high risk, which means you’ll face trouble gaining access to traditional merchant accounts. Banks and payment providers refuse to offer credit card payment services to high risk businesses. That’s where ACH payments or eChecks step in. 

ACH Payments for Adult Merchants

Online adult services are associated with greater risks of customer disputes and fraud. So, it’s no wonder there are classified as high risk. That’s why American Express cardholders aren’t allowed to pay for online pornography. 

Adult merchants very often rely on ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments as an effective alternative to card payments. ACH is an electronic network enabling direct transfers of funds between two bank accounts. 

ACH online payments are secure, so both businesses and clients can be sure to enjoy safe payment processing. Thanks to ACH payments, you can charge your customers’ bank accounts directly, without written checks or debit and credit cards.

ACH payments get electronically debited from the customer’s bank account and deposited to a business bank account. If you’re interested in ACH payment processing for an adult merchant account, turn to a reputable payments specialist like in the U.S. 

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Specifics of ACH Payments 

Did you know that millions of Americans regularly use ACH payments for paying for goods and services? What about using ACH payments for businesses? Let’s see how these payments can help your adult business:

  • ACH payments are lower cost as compared to credit cards.
  • They offer a higher level of security than paper checks and are associated with a lower risk. of fraud and tampering. For example, the user can’t lose ACH payments in the mail.
  • ACH payments are transferred electronically, without the need to deal with a physical check.
  • These payment transfers are associated with reduced human error and higher time savings.
  • Subscription-based businesses or businesses regularly billing their customers find this payment method as the most cost-effective option that enables them to save on their processing fees.
  • Finally, ACH payments are faster to process. 

ACH Payment Processing for Adult Businesses

ACH payments allow businesses and customers to save time, protect their payments, and enjoy a higher level of convenience while processing electronic payments. Work with a creditworthy payment processor to get the best help with ACH payment processing. 


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