HGV Driver – Getting Your First Job

Businesses across the country are crying out for qualified and skilled drivers, who will help support their distribution system. The demand for HGV drivers across different industries has increased to a point where demand has exceeded supply. For this reason, newly-qualified drivers have realised that they can choose from many jobs in the field. From long-haul to local delivery, there is a high demand for qualified HGV drivers than ever before. As such, how easy is for unqualified drivers to find their first HGV job and what tips do we have for them?


The Importance of Experience

Some driving jobs require more experience than others. At the same time, some companies prefer to hire an experienced driver over a newly qualified driver. Therefore, the highly paid driver’s jobs are likely to go to experienced drivers because they play a bigger role with more responsibilities. However, even the most experienced drivers had to start somewhere. This simply means that they needed the right qualifications, including the LGV licence class 2.

Option 1 – Driver Recruitment Agencies

There are two options available when it comes to finding a job or driving role. The first that is widely used across the country is through driver recruitment agencies. These agencies focus their expertise in recruiting drivers for all kinds of projects or jobs. A driver looking for a job will have to sign up for their services and submit their CV. The more agencies you sign up with, the better chance of finding the correct job for you. With this option, you have to act fast, however, you will still get an opportunity to choose the job you want and therefore not ending up with a random driving project.

Option 2 – The Direct Approach

If you are a hands-on kind of guy, then you can choose this option. With a direct approach option, you must get all necessary qualifications under your belt, polish your CV, and start sending to different companies. Basically, you want to get your CV to the people who handle hiring at different companies. This can be achieved digitally, through the post or in person. The limiting fact is that this technique takes more time compared to option 1. Confidence will be needed when you are facing a hiring manager during your interview.


The moment you get yourself a meeting, it is always wise to prepare for it. It does not matter if it is an official interview or unofficial chat. Preparation includes wearing official clothing. This simply means being smart and tidy. Research has proven that people are firstly judged according to the way they have represented themselves. In other words, the first appearance plays a huge role in whether you will get a job or not. Therefore, it is wise to send the right message.

Secondly, you will be asked about your qualifications and work experience, therefore, it is important to be fully prepared with your answers. If not, you should at least have an idea of what you are going to say when asked of these. If you are asked to put it all in writing, you should take your time to avoid mistakes.

Driver Development Programmes

Many employers will offer introduction training for their inexperienced drivers. This can help in educating a new employee in the way an organisation work and give inexperienced drivers the benefit of gaining experience with time. Development programmes may include performing vehicle basic maintenance and different processes within a company.

Remember, different companies, even those within the same industry, have different processes for doing their business i.e. how they file paperwork. What does this mean? It does not matter what kind of company you work for, you will have to learn their policies and procedures to help you become an experienced employee in that company.