Here’s Your Quick Guide For Taking Phenibut Powder!

Phenibut is a powerful and affordable nootropic that can help in reducing anxiety, stress, insomnia and other related conditions, such as societal anxiety. It is a modified version of the neurotransmitter GABA and can help in calming the mind, reducing negative feelings and inducing a sense of wellbeing. While Phenibut has been around for a while, there is very little information on how to use this drug safely. This is also because organizations like FDA have not approved it for anxiety and related treatments. If you are wondering how to take Phenibut powder, we have some tips below.

Deciding between pills and powder

If you are looking to save some money, Phenibut powder is surely better. The drug can be purchased as a dietary supplement, and there are online stores that offer great deals besides shipping to your country in bulk. However, pills are easy to consume and carry around. It is more of a personal choice in many ways.

Dosage recommendations

As a nootropic, Phenibut works well, which is why it is used in many stacks that are intended to improve mood and alleviate stress. However, there are a few side effects that one must be concerned about. If you check online, you will find that users have complained about things such as excessive sweating, lack of appetite, and drowsiness. Also, as you use Phenibut regularly, your body gets used to it, so you will require more dosage to get the same effects with time. For those who have mild anxiety or societal anxiety, a dosage of 250 mg per day is more than enough. Ideally, the dosage shouldn’t exceed more than 1000 mg for most people.

How to take Phenibut?

If you are using Phenibut powder, you can mix the dose in water or any sweet juice. Consider taking the drug at bedtime or in the evening, because it can cause a calming effect and drowsiness. Do not take Phenibut for a long period, but only when you feel the pressure or have too many negative thoughts. Some people like to follow the five-day on and off cycle, which is quite safe, but unless you need Phenibut regular, don’t depend on it for your happiness or sleep.

There are many forums where you can find more information on Phenibut. Do your homework well, and if you are using any sedatives or GABA agonists, talk to your doctor first.