Have Fun With Whales In Whale Watching Dunsborough WA

As humans, we have a lot of recreational hobbies and activities, but whale watching is not common for everyone. However, it always never fails to pique people’s interest; it is undoubtedly a fresh and new experience for those who have tried it. Through whale watching Dunsborough WA, they made it possible for people to witness the beauty of these creatures.

Do you want to know more about whale watching in Dunsborough, WA? This article will tackle about whale-watching and why it is a fun and must-try activity.

All You Need To Know About Dunsborough Whale Watching

In Western Australia, Dunsborough is a popular whale-watching site. The greatest time to watch whales is during their migration, which lasts from September to December. Whale-watching cruises can be booked with local operators, who will take you out to the ocean to witness humpback whales, southern right whales, and, on rare occasions, blue whales. It is recommended to bring warm clothes, sunscreen for your skin protection, and a camera to take a picture of the fleeting moment during the excursion. 

Moreover, Western Australians and domestic and foreign tourists flock to the Western Australian holiday town of Dunsborough because of the beautiful shores to explore. Still, the whales’ annual migration draws most tourists. Geographe Bay serves as a rest stop for the Southern Right Whale’s calving grounds as well as the Humpback Whale’s southern migration. 

What Are The Whale Species Available In Whale Watching Dunsborough WA?

When it is your first time to try whale-watching, you will be in awe when you see these creatures wandering near the waters. During the Dunsborough whale watching, several whale species can be seen. These species include Humpback whales and Southern Right whales. Occasionally,  the largest animals on the planet, which are the Blue whales, may also visit the place rarely. Other animals like seabirds and aquatic mammals like seals and dolphins are among the other wildlife creatures that can be seen throughout the excursion.

Moreover, one of the very rare locations in Australia where we have the chance to view both Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales coming in the same season and sharing the same area is the Geographe area in Dunsborough. Both whale species coexist peacefully, showing no signs of hostility against one another and tending to stay in their own parts of the bay. Rare contacts between these two species of baleen whales have been observed and have always piqued the tourist’s curiosity during such interactions. Additionally, there is a chance to see Blue and Minke Whales each season occasionally, but this is optional because they often pass through the coastline rapidly.

What Makes These Whale Species Loved By Many?

1. Humpback Whales

Due to their animated and agile displays as they converse, the beautiful and acrobatic humpback whales are a favourite among whale watchers worldwide. With the newest generation of calves, they are returning to the Antarctica feeding grounds throughout the spring months. This primitive behaviour is observed during the southern migratory in Dunsborough.

2. Southern Right Whales

The Southern Right Whale’s nursery grounds in Geographe Bay, along with the area around Bunker Bay, are crucial to the species’ comeback from the brink of extinction. Every season, there’s a gradual increase in population as more female whales come to Dunsborough’s sheltered and protected waters to give life to newborn Australian Southern Right baby whales. Seeing one of these majestic whales is an honour, and the bay offers some unique interactions as interested young calves approach the boat and everyone onboard.

When Is The Best Season For Dunsborough Whale Watching?

September to early December is the best time of the year to try whale watching. Early September marks the start of Dunsborough’s southern migratory season, which lasts through late November. The Humpback whale migratory passes through Geographe Bay, changing the season significantly, whereas the Southern Right Whales begin to leave the area with their calves in October. The whales, particularly the humpbacks, go home to Geographe Bay, nearby Dunsborough, for a break and feed their calves. 

What Are The Most Recommended Spots For Whale Watching Dunsborough WA?

The first famous spot for whale-watching is the Canal Rocks. It is one of the most incredible spots to see whales close to Dunsborough. You may see spouts, blows, and whirling tail flukes in the sea during the best times of the year, thanks to the numerous excellent viewing spots among the boulders, including the centrally positioned Rotary Lookout. 

Furthermore, you can also visit the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse’s brand-new viewing deck for expansive views of whales in the water near Geographe Bay, where you can frequently see mother whales feeding their young before making the trek south if you’d prefer a higher vantage point for whale watching.

Summary and Conclusion

Whale watching Dunsborough WA, offers people a chance to see whales closely and socialise with these lovely creatures. In addition, diverse nations have turned whale viewing into a lucrative industry that draws tourists and brings attention to the plight of endangered whale species. Businesses and nonprofits use their earnings to support conservation initiatives and strengthen the law, fostering the protection of whales and expansion of the economy. Moreover, Dunsborough whale watching is the practice of observing whales in their native environment, which entails onlookers using binoculars to observe these aquatic creatures as they live freely in their natural habitat from the end of a pier or boat deck. This kind of activity is frequently done for recreational purposes; it can also be utilised to learn about the species without affecting their environment or way of life. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for scientists and researchers to learn more about these marine animals’ habits, social structure, and movement patterns.