Guide to Meet the SCIP Requirements

The SCIP database is a complex form of information and people are often perplexed by what is the right procedure to meet the requirements and get the job done. So, in this article, we will discuss the ways which will help you get the clearance sooner. 

  • Start with analyzing your end products. Also, check its components separately to understand if it concerns the SCIP requirements. Try researching more through articles and understand the provisions thoroughly. 
  • Check what obligations your company has towards the SCIP reporting modules. Find out all the relevant articles present there and ensure that you have a thorough knowledge of the grounds you need to be reporting on. 
  • Map the relevant components present with you to their relevant suppliers. You can then check the data archives to understand what existing supplier information is present in the SCIP database. You can then easily recognize the data which is missing. 
  • In the next step, compile all the supplier information which is present. You can easily separate the EU suppliers from the non-EU suppliers. 
  • Contact every supplier present on your list and ask them to rectify the missing documentation. You need to also check your SCIP information and understand what is lacking. It might be supplier SCIP identifiers, compliance certificates, or other important data. Use the supplier compliance portal to communicate efficiently. 
  • You can then encourage your suppliers to get themselves registered in ECHA’s SCIP database. 
  • You are now ready to draft a SCIP notification. This is the step you take only after having all the information required to file it. 
  • Remember to file the notification before the due date. After this, you need to send the SCIP identifier and the compliance certificates to your clients. This will enhance the trust they have in you. 
  • You can constantly monitor the ECHA’s candidate list and get a good amount of information available on the substances that are recently added. You can likewise change and update your SCIP notification.
  • You need to have regular contact with the suppliers you are working with. Also, you cannot leave behind your customers too. You can then effectively address the issues that arose and enact upon them quickly. This will also reduce the scope of miscommunication in the future. 

The Enviropass REACH SCIP is the best way to meet all the requirements without any hassles.