Get to Know More About Pink Beach in Labuan Bajo

There are five pink beaches in the area of Labuan Bajo. They’re linked to each other that it looks like just one or two pink beaches in the region. Pink Beach Komodo, Pink Beach Padar, Short and Long Beach, Serai Beach, and Namong Beach. Pink beaches in Indonesia are getting increasingly more popular in the world. Here are some most frequently asked queries by tourists and ordinary people that want to visit them.

Namo Beach

The Pink shore komodo is quite common. Many folks see this shore when they want to see a beach with pink color to Komodo Island. However, there is another beach with a similar sand shade on this particular island. Locals even do not know that much about the shore. Therefore, it is less crowded than Pink Beach.  Its name is Namo Beach.

As lots don’t see it of people, the air here is relatively peaceful. It feels just like a private beach.  It is possible to play as far as you need here. The distinction isn’t just the atmosphere. The sand in Namo Beach is a lot safer than that famous Pink Beach. Some folks even call this beach Red Beach. This daring difference gives it distinct scenery also. A similar factor causes the pink sand as Pink shore komodo. The sand is mixed with all the bits of the pink microorganism body. It then turns into the exceptional color you can see now. Even though people rarely visit Namo Beach, you can readily observe a good deal of trash and trash here. People do not throw it. Mostly, this crap came from the sea. Folks throw it from the sea along with the tide attracts it here.

Pink Beach

Situated in the East section of Komodo Island, just a few people know about this gorgeous beach. Thus, individuals also call it a hidden paradise. You can have a problem locating a tour representative or rental boat service that offers an excursion to this shore. But, it does not indicate this beach isn’t beautiful. In reality, as one of the seven beaches with pink/red sand, you find among the magnificent sceneries here.

When you visit Pink shore, you can understand that the sand is natural pink sand. The Foraminifera is caused by a microorganism that produces the pink/red color pigment on the southern reef. The broken coral reef bits subsequently washed to the beach and affected the sand shade. Plus, it turns out pink, which this beach’s name originally comes out of.

Why is the beach pink?

Pink shores are located in some places in Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The most popular one is the pink shore of Komodo Island at East Nusa Tenggara.  Besides, there are other pink beaches; they’re Tangsi Beach in Lombok Island, Lambug Beach in Bima Island, and Namo Beach which remains a part of Komodo National Park.

The pink color of pink beaches is from microscopic animals, namely Foraminifera that provides pink or red pigmentation to corals. The tide sends those corals into the coasts, and then they are destroyed into flakes. Those aromas are united with sand, and they create the pink shade on the beach.

How to get there

You must get to Labuan Bajo first, whether by boat or plane. By Labuan Bajo, you can directly go to the Pink Beach of Komodo Island by boat charter. This boat has two choices to Pink Beach; private and public ships from Labuan Bajo to Pink Beach of Komodo Island.

Activities You Can Do

Namo Beach, along with Pink shore komodo, has beautiful scenery. So, this is the first thing you can appreciate here. Moreover, the sea surrounding this beach also has beautiful underwater scenery. To begin with, you can try snorkeling or diving to enjoy this beauty. See the beautiful creation of the coral reef. The various fishes and sea animal species that live there also add more fantastic things you’ll be able to find during your underwater adventure.

Secondly, once you invest your evening enjoying the gorgeous scenery and snorkeling, you can unwind on those beaches. Await the sunset and find out one of the most beautiful sunset sceneries you won’t find everywhere. Visit this along with your loved one, and you get a romantic second you and your bunch may enjoy. When you see Namo Beach, make sure that there is not any Komodo Dragon around. And, people lizards come here to hunt the egg. For that reason, it’s necessary to use a local guide if you visit Pink beach komodo or even Namo Beach. They will help you pick the perfect time and time to see them for the very best experience.

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