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Fun ideas to decorate your nursery

When you’re decorating a nursery, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the age of the child. If you are planning to decorate a nursery for an infant, then remember that the nursery is more for your benefit than theirs. If you are planning to decorate a nursery for a toddler, then the nursery should be engaging, fun, and of course safe. The distinction of age matters and the design of the nursery depends heavily on it as the utility changes when the age changes. Here are some fun ideas that you can incorporate into your nursery. They are not just fun for the kids, but they can be extremely helpful for you as well.

Ideas to decorate a nursery for an infant

Contemporary design

While it is essential that you fit all of your requirements in the nursery, a contemporary design allows some room for simple and conventionally beautiful designs. A contemporary design can be a mix of colour schemes, lines, patterns, and textures. It can even be designed as an extension of your bedroom. There should be ample seating for you along with a comfortable footstool to get you through the Rough Nights. You can even add a sofa or a daybed to make your time in the room more comfortable. The crib can be placed in a safe spot with proper access.

The vintage nursery

You can explore the charm of a whimsical vintage nursery, by adding timeless touches that will transport you to Era bygone. With grey walls you can add a rocking chair, a wooden chest, a cabinet, drapes and sheer curtains, and a carpet. And small touches of rattan or cane in baskets, storage bins, and planters. You can add a few floating shelves to display books, toys, or even photographs. A vintage nursery is practically incomplete without adding a painting or a sketch. Make the baby bed of cherry wood and you are good to go! Another quintessentially vintage element is the wallpaper on the wall, especially paisley wallpapers.

Cloud-like or dreaming nursery

If you would like to add a touch of softness to the nursery, you can think of decorating it in white, and a very light gray and blue. These colours when merged impart an almost dream-like atmosphere. It makes the room look like a part of a cloud glided down. The walls can be decorated with soft paintings of blue along with white. The upholstery and fabrics can be of the same colour to continue the flow. This makes the room look much bigger. However, if you are choosing this colour scheme then avoid putting any colour which stands out as it can be distracting for the baby too.

Ideas to decorate the nursery for a toddler

Go for the minimalistic approach

Toddlers are hyperactive individuals who require a lot of space and engaging activities. The important thing is when they are cooling off and going to sleep there should be no distractions on the ceiling or around them that will keep them awake. At the same time, the room should be colourful and fun when they are on their feet and running around. As the kid grows older the number of toys and other Essentials increases exponentially and storage space can be a challenge. Make the storage space also fun by painting it or adding some whimsical touches.

These ideas are great for you as well as your child and you have the creative freedom to incorporate them in parts or all of it in your child’s nursery.