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Fulfillment By Amazon: Everything You Need To Know

Everything is associated with technology now, even businesses. The Internet has become the reason for the blooming of many businesses. Amazon has played a significant role in boosting many businesses, small and big.

Amazon offers its FBA members to store their goods in Amazon’s warehouse. The only tricky thing is delivering your products to their warehouse, especially when it involves international shipping. This is why many Amazon businesses use the freight forwarding services of the ClearitUSA Amazon FBA program. 

What is FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. It is a service provided by Amazon to the sellers to store products in their warehouse, provide packaging and shipping assistance to the customers. This relieves sellers who want to sell but do not have storage areas.

In FBA, the seller ships their products to an Amazon warehouse, where the products stay until they are sold to customers online. When a customer purchases their items, Amazon does the packaging and delivers it to their house. When the customer makes the payment, the seller receives it. 

Benefits of using FBA

If you are a seller on Amazon, you can take advantage of FBA by signing up for it on Amazon’s website. 


  • Amazon’s name is associated with the products.


Selling through FBA is a great way to expand and grow your business. This quality is preferred, trusted, and appreciated by all Amazon users, which increases sales. 


  • Amazon’s customer service. 


Amazon’s team handles the customer’s queries, returns, and refunds on behalf of the seller. 


  • Lower shipping fees. 


Amazon has a good relationship with many shipping companies. This is why sellers have to pay less shipping fees if the products are delivered from the individual’s account. Sellers can also offer free shipping to customers upon ordering over a certain amount. 


  • Access to Prime customers. 


Nearly 90 million consumers are using Prime services. Why get your order a week later when you can get it in a day or two? By selling through FBA, you get access to millions of eager customers looking for fast and trusted service. 

FBA Fees

  1. Standard seller fee- Amazon takes 15-18% of the selling price when an item is sold. 
  2. International shipping- Amazon’s Global Export allows sellers to sell products worldwide.
  3. Fulfillment fees- This depends on per unit and varies from product to product. 
  4. Storage fees- Amazon charges a monthly storage fee per cubic foot of inventory.

FBA is an excellent way to expand your business if it is already blooming and you wish to grow it some more. However, it is not recommended for sellers with small businesses as there are many expenses involved. To start selling on Amazon through FBA, contact Clearit USA to deliver your shipment to their warehouses.