For the Right Rings The right Choice

Are you and your partner getting married soon? And are you looking for a wedding ring with stone? Then view the options at online stores. They have a wide range of top quality rings. Are you going for gold or silver, for platinum or palladium? The choice is yours. When selecting your rings, the guidance of our specialist comes in handy. Jewelers relieve you from A to Z, so that you are guaranteed to succeed for the most beautiful dream rings. Your wishes come first for the Oval Moissanite Rings.

Looking for beautiful rings with a diamond?

A ring with a diamond makes you shine at your wedding and for the rest of your life. Rings with stones are mainly for women. For men, rings are generally less conspicuous and more subtle. A lot is possible. For example, you can choose a ring with one larger (striking) stone or a ring with several small stones. It just depends on what you prefer. Jewelers have a wide jewelry collection with the best diamonds.

Wedding ring service comes to your home

Gone are the days when you absolutely had to go to a jeweler to pick out rings. Wedding ring service comes to your home, even in the evening. Specialist will bring a wide collection of rings that you can fit and view at your leisure. Many customers consider it a great advantage to choose rings at home. It will save you a lot of time because you no longer have to go to the store. It is ideal for young couples with a busy schedule.

Large assortment of wedding rings with stones

This high-quality jewelry is designed in the wedding ring workshop of this renowned company. At your home they show a wide variety of rings from the standard collection. They show you ring in different colors, widths and finishes. Would you like to personalize your ring? Then let’s make a beautiful engraving in studio. With a special design program you can make your ring with stones even more unique, for example by combining several elements.

Tips for choosing your dream rings

There is a lot to consider when selecting wedding rings. First of all, it is important to determine your budget. It gives you guidance when making the choice. Also think about the material and thickness of the rings. Jewelers also recommend that you discuss the style and any engraving with your partner. Do you want matte or glossy? Do you have a preference for a certain font if you want an engraving? During appointment you will always receive honest advice and your wishes will be carefully listened to.

Classic Oval Moissanite Ring - Fiona Diamond Jewellery

Have a wedding ring service come to your home

The experience enables jewelers to provide you with expert advice. They do everything they can to make you shine at your wedding. Contact jewelers today to make an appointment at home. Would you like more information about Wedding Ring Service first? They are here to answer all your questions about wedding rings with stones.

Experience the convenience of choosing wedding rings at home

Do you feel like choosing wedding rings, but are you or your partner very busy? Are you short of time to go to the jeweler? Or would you like personal attention from an expert, so that you can be sure that you are making the right choice? With online jewelry services you have the option of selecting wedding rings by appointment. They will visit your home at a time of your choosing. This is also possible in the evening: ideal for when your children are in bed.

Benefit from personal attention and guidance

Choosing rings at home is a relief for many people. You are in a safe and trusted environment, together with your partner and our wedding rings expert on the couch or at the table. You will be given the space to make your wishes known to us. You will be listened to carefully and honest advice is given. If we believe that a particular design is less appropriate, we will state this fairly. Of course, the choice of rings is always yours.

Large collection of top quality rings

During home visit jewelers take a wide collection of rings with them, so that you can look, fit and compare extensively. All wedding rings are of top quality and have a luxurious appearance. They are from the well-known brand, which is fully focused on producing high-quality wedding rings. Whether you go for gold or silver, for platinum or for palladium, they can make your rings even more special with advanced design program.

A personalized design that fits your needs

Would you like a unique creation? It is entirely right. They are happy to create a personalized design for you with our design program. They will further personalize the rings based on the models we brought with them. For example, you can choose matte or glossy, or a thin or thick ring. Applying an engraving is one of the options. In the unlikely event that your dream rings are not included, we will not charge you any costs. Not even the call-out costs.

The most beautiful wedding rings by appointment

You deserve the very best service, because selecting wedding rings is only done once. You choose them with the intention of wearing them for the rest of your life. The good thing is that you get a 5-year warranty on the diamonds in the rings in case of loss or damage. They work exclusively with fair trade gold and our diamonds come from conflict-free areas.

A very long time ago

It used to be customary to give a gift when someone wanted to marry you. However, these were often practical gifts rather than those beautiful engagement rings that we happily get these days. In the meantime, it is again very common to give engagement rings instead of a practical gift and we don’t really know anything else than that. The most popular engagement rings have beautiful diamonds in them. And did you know that engagement rings should be worn on the left ring finger, at least in this country. The ancient Greeks believed that the ring finger is connected to the heart by a large vein. In addition, you naturally wear engagement rings to show that you are getting married. And a little bit to show off, of course.