Employing Virtual Greens To Make More Green!

The bar and restaurant industry has seen a slowdown and slow recovery due to the pandemic.  Traditionally, Bars and Pubs have relied on entertainment devices such as arcade machines, video poker, mini basketball games, and others to hold patrons’ interest while waiting for their drinks or fare.  These machines supplement the income of the establishment with many owners working out a percentage deal with the arcade game provider while their machine is in use.  There is another avenue for Bar owners to expand upon this medium and earn more money in the process.  This avenue is the installation and use of an indoor golf simulator.

Outdoor Fun In An Indoor Environment

The appeal of the indoor golf simulator is almost universal among golf fans as the convenience of being able to play 9 or 18 holes of golf indoors can’t be topped.  The golf simulator concept started in the late 1980s with the first machines to hit the entertainment market.  These machines were good for the time and were embraced because of the uniqueness of the concept.  Although looking back on those initial machines now, there were some glaring issues that were present.  The accuracy of the screens wasn’t the greatest, and you lacked the ability for online play.  Today’s machines are light years beyond those first forays into the market 30 years ago.

Simple Math

The process is simple, patrons can bring their own clubs to the venue and purchase a round of golf.  This can be 9 or 18 holes, and you can charge them accordingly, perhaps $12 for 9 holes and $20 for 18 holes.  A normal 18-hole round could be completed in less than an hour as the patron doesn’t have to worry about walking or using a cart after every shot.  Compare these numbers with a regular arcade machine receiving quarters every few minutes and you can definitely see the simple math involved in having an indoor golf simulator. 

Ease Of Use

Patrons hit their golf balls against a sensor-laden screen which shows the accurate backdrop of their shot.  There are nets which envelop the playing area so that any errant shots will be contained within the playing area and not hit any other patrons in the venue.  Golfers can compete against other golfers across the country in real-time matches which amplifies the appeal of the indoor golf simulator.  The size of the playing area and unit are not much bigger than a group of arcade machines side-by-side.


Employing the use of an indoor golf simulator can provide a decent addition to any Bar or Restaurant with the available space.  The size utilized and money brought in compared to other amusement machines can’t be matched.